flyExclusive is in the unique position to offer multiple solutions for companies, business leaders, and corporate travel managers in today’s ever-changing environment.

In these times when corporate professionals are looking for less interaction with crowds and more social distancing than commercial flights and large airports allow, flyExclusive provides an efficient, safe and reliable solution for you.

Allow us to be your flight department – allow us to be your partner.

Dedicated Aircraft Program:

For higher-volume private jet users who value the consistency of your own aircraft, who tend to utilize a specific aircraft type, who appreciate having the same crew, and who want to reduce capital costs – we can provide a personalized solution.

  • 300 Hours per year minimum guarantee
  • Mutually agreed upon/preferred FBO location
  • Dedicated concierge service for all trip planning
  • Additional Aircraft Usage to flex for any incremental trips on non-base aircraft
  • Complimentary WiFi
Virtual Aircraft Based Location:

For private jet users who value the flexibility and breadth of fleet, who want the ability to flex up and down across aircraft types, who might have multiple needs across multiple locations, and who need certainty in flight expenses.

  • 100 Hours per year minimum guarantee
  • Full access to all aircraft categories with multiple aircraft usage
  • flyExclusive preferred FBO locations – multiple virtual bases as needed
  • Dedicated concierge service for all trip planning
  • Complimentary WiFi
Customized Solutions:

For private jet users who have hard to reach locations in the field, who run short-term projects, who want to create efficiencies for moving teams, and who need a reliable solution to support corporate travel programs.

  • Corporate Shuttles between multiple locations
  • Access difficult to get to locations and underserved markets
  • Short-term projects – i.e. one to two-month focused destinations
  • Full access to the flyExclusive fleet to scale up or down in aircraft size for each trip
  • Highly efficient travel through an FBO, instead of longer lines and airport congestion
  • Create productivity with your teams, including complimentary WiFi

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