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flyExclusive Soars into 2022

2021 was a challenging year for all. Many industries faced record-breaking highs and lows, with private jet travel being in the midst. While travel trends began to surge with an increase in flight demand, industry advancements and technology took a hit with little access to resources. The ripple of new challenges forced our team of world-class aviation pioneers at flyExclusive to get creative and push through the hardship to conclude what became our most successful year yet. Before flyExclusive soars into 2022, reflection is in order for the industry’s leading brand in innovation. Here are some of flyExclusive’s most memorable moments from 2021 that contributed to our strong start in the new year.

Endless Expansion

With our Members, guests, and customers in mind, flyExclusive took the linear increase in flight demand as the perfect opportunity for significant growth and investments for the future. From breaking ground on a variety of facilities to better equip our maintenance and MRO teams, to expanding our fleet amid an ongoing industry shortage. With the newfound abilities, flyExclusive welcomed more Members to our Jet Club Membership than ever before, bringing safe and accessible private travel to families and businesses.

2021 Jet Club Growth
Paint & Interior Shop Developed
48,000 sqft.
Fleet additions - Citation & Gulfstream
Electrostatic Painting & Coating Facility
1st of its kind in South East
Technology Hub
Durham, NC
Aircraft Operations Center
Kinston, NC

Fly Family

There is nothing more important to the success of our business than the talented and professional team members that make up flyExclusive. In order to successfully manage the influx of Jet Club Members, hours flown, and maintenance and painting opportunities in 2021, flyExclusive took to our team of experienced individuals and expanded our flyFamily with bright, dedicated, and dynamic minds. Once our industry-leading team had been developed, it was imperative to ensure each of our employees was content and taken
care of by:

Employees added
Pilots, Captains added
New Leadership Members

Enhanced Offerings

To support the increase in Members and flights in 2021, we were continually looking for innovative ways to streamline our operations and offerings. By focusing on the industry intelligence we had in front of us, flyExclusive was able to develop:

Private Plane Club | flyExclusive
  • Mobile app for Pilots to communicate with passengers
  • On the road and overnight aircraft maintenance for additional flying capabilities
  • Mobile Concierge app for Jet Club Members to communicate with the aircrew
  • Completed over 40,000 hours of flying
  • Renewed Wyvern Wingman Certification

Invested in Innovation

2021 was a peak time for operation innovation. With the industry seeming to be at a technological halt, we deemed the opportunity to exceed our boundaries of what we thought was possible with real-time business intelligence. The hands and minds of our dynamic and capable team were able to:

Aircraft Stripped & Repainted
Total Interior Refurbishments
Total Paint Facility Experience
250+ years
Technology Hub & Aircraft Operations Center
30 Employees Hired

Journey into 2022

With 2021 now behind us, the window of opportunity ahead is large and exhilarating.

“Last year we made enormous strides in providing the ultimate private aviation experience while many in the industry struggled,” said Tommy Sowers, president, flyExclusive. “The coming year will be all about accelerating our growth as we invest in people, services and technology that will allow us to be faster, more nimble and more effective for our clients.”

In 2022, flyExclusive will continue to make investments across all areas of our business while expanding efforts to make flyExclusive a premier destination for the best pilots and people in private aviation.

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