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Investing in Sustainability

A steadfast commitment to safeguarding the Earth.

flyExclusive is committed to Carbon Offsetting

A carbon offset is a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases made in order to compensate for emissions made elsewhere.

Prioritizing sustainability by partnering with those making real impact

By participating in our 4AIR program, you are directly funding carbon offset projects in forestry along the East Coast that reduces emissions equivalent to the emissions from flying.

Our partnership with 4AIR provides an opportunity to align our sustainability initiatives with the long-term industry goals for sustainability. The opt-in program allows you to support and participate in carbon offset solutions while making an impact outside of aviation.

How you can help

Jet Club Members & Partners

Our partnership with 4AIR allows contributions to go directly towards the support of local carbon offset solutions with the simple push of a button. Through the Jet Club Concierge App, Members may choose to opt into our 4AIR program when booking their next flight.

About 4AIR


4AIR’s framework aligns with industrywide goals, establishes an industry-first commitment to addressing the impacts of all emissions, and provides a simplified and verifiable path for industry participants to meaningfully partake in the effort to achieve climate goals.

See how you can reduce your environmental footprint through 4AIR’s initiative.

flyExclusive Carbon Offset Program

Part of a Larger Cause

This powerful statement is not aspirational, it is one of flyExclusive’s core values and our commitment to the Carbon Offset Program is a vital component of delivering on this promise. We are thrilled partner with 4AIR and make a lasting, meaningful impact on the environment. 

What is carbon offset?

A carbon offset is a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases made to compensate for emissions made elsewhere.

What exactly does flyExclusive's carbon offset program do?

flyExclusive’s participation directly funds credits against meaningful and third-party verified projects through credits. The allocation of credits for primary focus in forestry and innovative carbon offset technologies specifically target reducing the emissions equivalent to the emissions from flying. 

Where exactly does this carbon offset make an impact?

flyExclusive is based in Kinston, a rural town in Eastern North Carolina, that is both rich in natural resources and is situated near forested areas, low-lying mountains, numerous freshwater systems and the flat marsh and tidal areas feeding into the Atlantic Ocean. We also have a tremendous amount of operational activity in Florida far beyond our local footprint.

It is particularly important that we focus our efforts in large part where we can make the most direct impact and have partnered through 4AIR with Noles Farms and Ascend.

Who is 4AIR?

flyExclusive is proud to partner with 4AIR on this initiative. 4AIR is an industry pioneer offering sustainability solutions. Its industry-first framework seeks to address climate impacts of all types and provides a simplified and verifiable path for private aviation industry participants to achieve meaningful aircraft emissions counteraction and reduction. 4AIR offers a solution that makes it easy for private aviation users to pursue sustainability through access to carbon markets. All carbon credits issued through 4AIR are quantified and verified through the most respected and international leading bodies that issue and register credits, including the American Carbon Registry, Climate Action Reserve, Verified Carbon Standard (VERRA), and The Gold Standard.

Am I automatically enrolled in this program as a member?

By opting in, you agree all future departing legs will be carbon neutral by applying additional funds to each leg. When you opt out, future departing legs will no longer have the carbon neutral charges applied.

Am I able to support privately?

flyExclusive respects your privacy and protects your identity and no personal identifiable information is communicated in accordance with the terms and conditions of your relationship with flyExclusive.