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Safety is paramount to
flyExclusive's culture of care.
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Conscientious Crew Training

Every flyExclusive pilot undergoes rigorous training in full motion flight simulators annually at state of the art facilities operated by CAE Simuflite and FlightSafety International. For added safety, captains are re-checked every six months. Comprehensive ground training and emergency procedures training/testing are also part of ensuring flyExclusive crews are reactive and ready champions of aviation safety.

Meticulous Jet Maintenance

flyExclusive operates a fully vetted SMS program and conducts on-premise maintenance, deploys mobile maintenance resources, and works collaboratively with Cessna to deliver high-quality aircraft, safety and reliability to customers.

You can trust flyExclusive jets are inspected and maintained to the highest standard.

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Third Party Verification

flyExclusive proudly exceeds all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards and operates an ARG/US Platinum Rated fleet of over 90 aircraft.

flyExclusive operations are routinely examined by the following third-party aviation safety consultants:

Top Safety Rated Jet Charter | flyExclusive

ARG/US Platinum Rated Fleet

Aviation Research Group US (ARG/US) - Long-established safety verification and aviation consultancy appreciated for high safety standards. flyExclusive consistently earns the highest safety achievement, Platinum Rating, from ARG/US.

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Wingman Operator

Wyvern Consulting Ltd - A completely independent safety intelligence data consultant that verifies crew and aircraft qualification and status.

Air Carrier Certificate Number 3EJA805N

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