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Accessible Ownership & Leaseback. Simplified.

flyExclusive offers a genuinely unique and exclusive ownership and leaseback program for aircraft buyers and select aircraft owners. The innovative platform will fully cashflow the aircraft, eliminating the owner of traditional burdens including navigating the variability of maintenance expenses, fixed costs and inconsistent revenue offsets provided by other lease and management options.

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Why Partner with flyExclusive?

Positive Cash Flow
  • flyExclusive covers fixed, variable and maintenance costs
  • The owner receives a net lease payment of up to 10% of the aircraft value
Fixed Term
  • For buyers purchasing from our available inventory, we offer a 5-year leaseback term
  • For existing owners, we are able to offer 3 to 5-year terms to fit your needs
Full Fleet Availability for Your Flights
  • Receive up to 120 hours of occupied flight time at owner cost
  • Access any cabin size on a trip-by-trip basis
  • Choose from a large fleet of flyExclusive  aircraft
  • Guaranteed availability
  • No reposition costs with 5 days’ notice
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Aircraft Acquisition

flyExclusive provides a fleet of aircraft ready and available for purchase and leaseback.

  • Recently refurbished, Part 135 certified, and on the company’s operating certificate
  • Available inventory includes
  • Citation Excel
  • Citation XLS
  • Citation X
  • Gulfstream GIVSP
  • All aircraft are WiFi-equipped to stay connected for business and leisure
  • Lease term and fleet access become effective immediately upon aircraft closing
  • Bonus depreciation and other tax benefits may be available, based on your tax position

flyExclusive Inventory Available for Purchase & Leaseback.

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24/7 Service You Deserve

24/7 Service You Deserve

Partners enjoy the support of a dedicated Owner Services department to make scheduling your flight as easy as one phone call. Owner Services will be your primary contact and will know the personal preferences for you, your family, and frequent guests. This team will handle all trip planning, ground transportation, catering, accommodations, and special requests.

Owner Services will coordinate with Flight Control, who will oversee the planning and monitoring of all flight related activities, 24 hours a day. Flight Control will coordinate crew and aircraft schedules, handle international flight preparations and filings, brief the flight crew, and coordinate any schedule changes.

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Are You an Existing Owner?

Our tailored programs will provide a valuable and reliable home for your aircraft.

  • flyExclusive’s Aircraft Partnership lease will provide you with fixed monthly lease payment for your aircraft and continued aircraft access for your flight requirements.
  • We are currently seeking:
  • Citation CJ3
  • Citation Excel/XLS/XLS+
  • Citation X
  • Challenger 350/300

Aircraft Partnership
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