Jet Club
Aircraft Ownership

A 24,000 Square Foot
Electrostatic Painting
and Coating Facility

The first of its kind in the Southeastern United States.

The flyExclusive electrostatic painting and coating facility delivers premium aircraft
exterior design services and has been staffed with the best MRO talent in the industry,
each painter bringing over 20+ years of industry and process knowledge.

Our 95 ft’ wide x 30 ft’ high x 104 ft’ deep hangar can accommodate a variety of large, private aircraft including Gulfstream IV’s, Falcon 900’s, and more.

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Citation Fleet | flyExclusive
flyExclusive employee painting outside of aircraft inside of a hangar

Minimal Down Time

Utilizing the Latest Green Technologies

Complete temperature and humidity control with the ability to bake an aircraft for 8 hours at 120 degrees and immediately lower the humidity to allow our painting crew to continue the process. Your aircraft’s downtime is significantly reduced during refurbishment with flyExclusive.

An airflow rate of 210,000 CFM, coupled with an air-cooled chiller and heated Air Make-up units (AMUs), allow flyExclusive to complete the most basic repairs to the most complex ones, in the least amount of time possible.

Establishing best in class state-of-the-art downdraft painting system

As the only Part 135 Operator in the world that strips and paints their own jets, flyExclusive is ultimately producing the most uniform and aesthetically pleasing fleet in the industry.

flyExclusive employee painting outside of aircraft inside of a hangar

Hear from flyExclusive Paint Shop Supervisor

The future for flyExclusive and JetStream is stripping and painting 4 airplanes a month. Working with outside vendors, we’re going to have 5 shifts with 32 people, working 24 hours a day. We’re just going to be painting the skies.

Sean Callahan, 30 years of experience

To learn more about our painting capabilities, contact us.

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