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Jet Club


An innovative new way for private travelers to fly more.

Access. Savings. Control.

The flyExclusive Jet Club affords members easy and instant access to a versatile fleet of aircraft backed by the highest safety standards in the industry.

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Access to 70+ Company-Owned Private Jets

A versatile fleet of Light, Mid, Super-Mid and Large Cabin Aircraft

With a flyExclusive Jet Club membership, experience access to a world of customized private aviation. Our ownership of the aircraft allows flyExclusive to provide a predictable and high-quality flight experience. With comfortable seating and a WiFi-enabled fleet, you can trust flyExclusive’s consistent commitment to your experience as both a lifestyle and business partner.

Jet Club Gives You More Control

A dedicated relationship as your private jet partner

In these changing times where safety and reliability of travel are more paramount than ever, we are providing even greater access to our fleet and service experience. We’re leveraging our decades of knowledge and expertise in the aviation industry to give our Jet Club Members more control, certainty, and consistency when they fly.

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Hear what our members have to say...
"We’ve flown with most of the big services – flyExclusive is hands down the most luxurious, consistent, feature rich and fairly priced in the industry. flyExclusive combines the strengths of all the other private aviation services into one amazing package. In an industry full of amazing service that spoils and pampers its customers, flyExclusive has somehow figured out how to stand out above all the rest. Selecting a private aviation service is an exercise in weighing which features are most important; price, flight duration, cabin quality, continuity and consistency of equipment, proven record of safety, flexibility and service. There’s no compromise with flyExclusive – you get them all."
- Robert L., Jet Club Member
"We love, love, love flyExclusive! Every trip has been so easy to arrange and perfect! Always on-time, always so nice and everyone there is so easy to deal with and talk to. We were just talking about it and we honestly have no idea how we did it before Jet Club! We are SO spoiled now - we are NEVER going back!"
- Colette M., Jet Club Member
"Had a great flight yesterday from Naples to Trenton. Program seems to be working out fine for us. Your crew and customer service staff are excellent. Wanted to thank you for the lovely gift box that are sitting at the Princeton house when we arrived last night. It’s fun to be part of the team!"
-Warren W., Jet Club Member
"flyExclusive and their Jet Club Program is our go to for private flights! They are responsive, professional, and always provide a top notch service! Each of the aircraft is always very consistent in quality and the on board staff is always very friendly and service oriented. We are very happy knowing they take great effort to get us to our destination safely and comfortably!"
- Jason D., Jet Club Member

Two levels of membership
to choose from:

Fly Club

The Fly Club is a 24-month program that is ideal for private travelers who fly between 15-30 hours per year with guaranteed availability.

  • Funds available for up to 24 months to maximize your flying needs
  • Full access to the flyExclusive Light, Midsize and Super-Midsize Fleet
  • Flexible use of funds across aircraft categories
  • Supplemental access to the Gulfstream fleet as available
  • Highly competitive hourly rates with no repositioning charges or fees
  • Unused Fly Club funds may rollover if your flying needs change

Exclusive Club

The Exclusive Club is a recurring membership that is ideal for private travelers who fly more than 30 hours per year with guaranteed availability.

  • Funds never expire with a current Exclusive Club Membership
  • No limit to the amount of pre-funded flight hours per year
  • Full access to the flyExclusive Light, Midsize and Super-Midsize Fleet
  • Flexible use of funds across aircraft categories
  • Supplemental access to the Gulfstream fleet as available
  • After your initial deposit, fund at anytime in increments of $25,000 or more
  • No repositioning fees – live time plus taxi only
  • Additional hourly rate savings of approximately 15% over the Fly Club

Download the Jet Club rate brochure and learn more about membership!

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