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Jet Club

We are proud to bring you Jet Club, the ultimate private jet experience. Designed for our Members, no other program provides the combination of experience, savings and simplicity in one place. Members who fly with us receive a customized private jet service that anticipates your needs for comfort and consistency. Wherever you dream of flying, our floating fleet of 75+ aircraft are ready to take you there.
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Access. Choice. Control.

As a Member, you are buying guaranteed access to flyExclusive’s versatile fleet of Light, Mid, and Super-Mid aircraft. Jet Club is built with flexibility so that you get the most out of your membership.
Choose the program amount that is right for you, with deposits starting at $75,000.
You can also select the size aircraft you need on a trip-by-trip basis. The choice is yours. With a simple monthly membership, Jet Club provides you with the ability to choose your program and fund with no long-term commitments. Be a Member as long as you choose.

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Light Jets

Whether using a Light Jet for a three-city trip in one day, a 3 hour flight to visit family, or an out-and-back, you get the power of our fleet with our ultra-competitive daily rates.

  • Cessna Citation CJ3
  • Cessna Citation Encore+

Our light jets cater to an excellent light jet experience, flying longer distances, and efficiently getting in and out of smaller destinations.

Flight Charge Example*

Chicago, IL - Teterboro, NJ - Naples, FL
Aircraft Daily Rate:     $6,000
Hourly Rate:                $14,700
Total Flight Charge :  $20,700

*prices reflecting the $150k Membership deposit & does not include FET

Midsized Jets

  • Citation Excel/XLS

The Citation Excel is one of the most highly efficient and desirable jets on the market. It’s ideal for you and 7 of your friends to fly between destinations like Teterboro and Palm Beach, or from the east coast to island paradise in comfort and style. This jet is perfect for a variety of private jet trips.

Flight Charge Example*

Teterboro, NJ - Palm Beach, FL
Aircraft Daily Rate:     $8,500
Hourly Rate:                $9,180
Total Flight Charge :  $17,680

*prices reflecting the $150k Membership deposit & do not include FET

Super-Mid Jets

These jets blend comfort, style and performance with their longer cabins, expansive luggage capacity and extended range. They are our most versatile aircraft in our fleet.

  • Cessna Citation Sovereign
  • Cessna Citation X

With Jet Club’s unique pricing structure, longer flights are encouraged and Members have a built in advantage. Take a Super-Mid across the country and recognize significant savings already built into the program.

Flight Charge Example*

Boston, MA - Napa Valley, CA
Aircraft Daily Rate:     $11,000
Hourly Rate:                $27,360
Total Flight Charge :  $38,360

*prices reflecting the $150k Membership deposit & do not include FET

International Travel

Unlike traditional jet card programs that require a limited primary service area or a charter flight, we have created Jet Club to include expanded international capabilities so you can select the appropriate aircraft and enjoy that dream destination.

Take a Light Jet to the Bahamas and enjoy beautiful crystal clear waters.
Experience the culture of Belize with a flight on a Super-Mid.
Take in the gorgeous views of Los Cabos, Mexico by flying on one of our Mid jets.

Member Services

You are not a number, you are a Member. You belong here.

We provide a dedicated Member Services Team that pays special attention to every detail to help curate your experience.

  • Trip Planning & Confirmation
  • Car Services & Ground Transportation
  • Catering Selections
  • Special Requests


flyExclusive has the highest safety ratings in the industry - only 5% of all operators meet the standard of ARG/US Platinum and Wyvem Wingman certifications.

Top Safety Rated Jet Charter | flyExclusive

Commitment to Excellence

We proudly employ our own pilots with standards exceeding the industry. When considering what you value and who you trust, flyExclusive is the clear and obvious choice to take you to new heights and even more destinations than ever before.

The more you fly in a day, the more you save.

Jet Club is Simple

Select the level of Membership that best fits your flying needs and enjoy guaranteed availability to our owned and operated fleet of 75+ aircraft with a simple monthly Membership of $1,000.

Flight Charges

Jet Club lets you truly fly like an owner with your flight charges being the unique combination of an Aircraft Daily Rate and your significantly lower Hourly Rates.

Initial deposit ranges from $75,000 - $250,000

What You Can Expect

As the fifth largest private jet operator in the United States, and the second largest owner of Cessna Citation jets in the world, flyExclusive is today’s discerning traveler’s operator of choice.

flyExclusive leverages its decades of operational experience, industry knowledge, expertise in fleet logistics, and personal touch to deliver a premium experience, every time you fly.

You can trust flyExclusive’s commitment to serving your lifestyle and the moments that matter.

Let's get started.
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What do our Members have to say?
"We’ve flown with most of the big services – flyExclusive is hands down the most luxurious, consistent, feature rich and fairly priced in the industry."
"We are very knowing flyExclusive takes great effort to get us to our destination safely and comfortably."
"flyExclusive combines the strengths of all the private aviation services into one amazing package."
"flyExclusive is our go to for private flights! They are responsive, professional, and always provide a top notch service!"
"In an industry full of amazing service that spoils and pampers its customers, flyExclusive has somehow figured out how to stand out above all the rest."
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