Now more than ever, the need to travel safely and securely is paramount.

With hourly rates starting as low as $4,150 per hour, the flyExclusive Jet Club provides more hours per dollar and allows you to do what you want – fly more.

Choose the Best Membership for You

Fly Club

The Fly Club is a 24-month program that is ideal for private travelers who fly between 15-30 hours per year. Initial minimum purchase of $150,000.

  • Highly competitive hourly rates so you can fly more, not pay more
  • Full access to the flyExclusive fleet giving you flexibility on a trip by trip basis
  • Unused Fly Club funds may rollover if your flying needs change

How many possible hours can the Fly Club give me for my base Membership?

Light Jet
Midsize Jet
Super-Mid Jet
# of hours for $150,000 - FLY Club

*Hours shown represent possible flight hours if all flown in that category. Actual hours dependent on actual Member usage and may vary.

Exclusive Club

The Exclusive Club is a recurring membership that is ideal for private travelers who fly more than 30 hours per year. Initial minimum purchase of $170,000.

  • The best hourly rates in the market allowing the most flight time for you
  • Full access to the flyExclusive fleet giving you flexibility on a trip by trip basis
  • Funds never expire with a current Exclusive Club Membership

How many possible hours can the Exclusive Club give me for my base Membership?

Light Jet
Midsize Jet
Super-Mid Jet
# of hours for $150,000 - EXCLUSIVE Club

*Hours shown represent possible flight hours if all flown in that category. Actual hours dependent on actual Member usage and may vary.

What benefit does the Exclusive Membership fee provide?

The Membership purchase price is the access point to enjoy the very best market rates, the most flexibility, and preferred terms in the agreement that provide additional monetary value within your experience, like fewer peak days, lower daily minimums, and lesser notification windows for guaranteed availability.

Is there any limit to the program with expiration of funds or limit on hours?

We value you as a long-term partner, and the Jet Club and your funds never expire with a renewal of an active account, giving you complete control over your private jet service. There is no limit to the number of hours flown per year - prefund as many hours as you like year-in and year out, maximizing you program selection. Of course, if you fly at or above 30 hours per year, you are incentivized to select the Exclusive program - and you can always choose to go back to the Fly program with no strings attached after a year.

Why are the notification periods 96 hours for the Fly Club and 72 hours for the Exclusive Club?

We are committed to providing you a consistent, reliable experience and guaranteed availability with our fleet. To do that, and to allow you enjoy the very best rates in the market, the callout times for non-peak day travel are 96 hours for the Fly Club and 72 Hours for the Exclusive Club. Of course, we are happy to work with you on short notice requests, which will be based on availability and market pricing.

Are the hourly rates fixed during the term?

The market-best hourly rates in either program are subject to an adjustment every six months, directly associated with the cost of fuel. This adjustment can either go up or remain flat based on published market data. Additionally, the Exclusive program has a nominal annual adjustment to the core rate. We are upfront about adjusting reasonably for increasing costs necessary to delivery the quality, service and safety for our Members.

Am I able to choose my aircraft?

With the breadth of owned and operated aircraft unlike most in the industry, flyExclusive allows you to choose between Light, Midsize, and Super-Mid categories on a trip by trip basis. The Jet Club provides guaranteed availability on the fleet so you can take full advantage of our capabilities. We invite you to fully experience all that flyExclusive has to offer.

What types of additional services are available as a Member?

Our dedicated Member Services team is here for you. In addition to planning your flight details and itineraries, they will arrange specialized catering and ground transportation you may desire along the way. Beyond the typical, they will get to know you, understand your preferences, and work to delight you with other special requests and occasions you may be celebrating.

Are there two pilots on every flight?

Yes. FAA qualifications, requirements, and training are required and current for all Captains and PIC's. Our crews have on average 8,000+ hours of experience, well above the FAA requirements. Beyond their certifications, our crews are there for you. On the ground at the FBO, loading your aircraft, providing your catering, safely operating your flight, our crews are focused on your overall experience.

What are flyExclusive's safety ratings?

flyExclusive has achieved and maintains the highest safety standards in the industry. We are both ARGUS Platinum rated and Wyvern Recommended as an operator. Not only are we safe by industry standards, we operate within a Safety Management System (SMS) program documented in our Operating Specifications and engrained in our daily routine and culture.

How are the aircraft maintained?

flyExclusive operates a large internal maintenance department and utilizes Cessna resources, as well as its own mobile field support to make sure the aircraft availability and quality is consistently available for you. flyExclusive is building a proprietary paint and interiors facility for quality and consistency in the look and upkeep of the fleet. All maintenance is completed in accordance with our Safety Management System (SMS) protocols.

How does the program relate to on-demand charter in the marketplace?

The Jet Club is highly competitive and predictable compared to on-demand charter, which is unique to every trip - pricing will be based on time of year, aircraft availability, trip routing, flight duration, any required repositioning and fees. It can from time-to-time represent a good option for a very specific trip, but it also brings the uncertainty of working with someone other than flyExclusive on the type of aircraft, safety, crew training, and service consistency. If you are exploring charter, we invite you to charter a trip with flyExclusive and flyExclusive International to mitigate the unknowns of the market.

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