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flyExclusive International provides on-demand, point-to-point, international and long-range service to the Americas, Europe, Asia and beyond. With an average of over 8,000 hours, our crews exceed FAA, EASA, ANAC, and APAC standards, and provide unmatched service in the air and on the ground. Guests booking with flyExclusive International will have access to our company-owned and operated fleet at market leading levels of affordability and accessibility.

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Global Reach and Capability

With flyExclusive’s versatile fleet and world-wide operational capability, you can reach any destination and utilize the right aircraft for the trip.

Whether it’s a trip to Europe, Central and South America, a light jet to the Bahamas, or a Super-Mid to your favorite far-reaching island, we have you covered with our diverse fleet of aircraft and resources.

We Handle all the Details

Make each international trip personal and special. And rest assured as our services teams will assist you with every detail from catering and trip planning, to paperwork and clearances in far-reaching destinations.

With years of experience flying to a variety of international destinations, allow us to serve as your partner so that you can make the most of your trip, whether for business or pleasure.

Safety & Trust Are Paramount

Regardless of where you choose to travel internationally, know that your safety always comes first. Our fleet and daily operations meet and exceed the highest levels of third-party safety accreditation.

As important, our crews are highly trained, well-skilled in international destinations, and are there to provide a safe and enjoyable experience from start to finish.

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