Challenger 350

The Bombardier Challenger 350 is a highly capable and sophisticated business jet that offers a comfortable and luxurious non-stop cross-country flying experience while also providing pilots with the latest in avionics and safety technology.

Quick Stats

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Maximum Range
3,200 NM
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Maximum Cruise Speed
470 Knots | 541 MPH
Maximum Passengers

H 6’0” x W 7’2” x L 25’2”

The Challenger 350 offers a unique blend of performance features to enhance customer experience.
◦ Comfortable stand-up interior
◦ Highly desirable flat floor design
◦ Spacious cargo for up to 15 large bags
◦ WiFi Enabled
◦ Cross-Country non-stop range
◦ Full galley/refreshment center
◦ Cabin attendant available on request

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