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Crystal Scrufari
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Crystal Scrufari

Accounting Specialist
What do you like most about working at flyExclusive?

The people, especially my department. It is nice to have a job that you truly enjoy coming to everyday. After all, most of us spend more time with our work family than our home family so it’s important to surround yourself with people you enjoy being with.

Do you have any interesting hobbies?

I love to read, mostly mysteries. Spending time with my two fur babies and salt water fishing. I also enjoy traveling to Savannah, GA to see family multiple times a year.

What is your favorite movie?

I don’t really have a favorite movie, however I have two favorite shows that I can watch the same episodes 100 times. Those are Friends and Golden Girls.

Tell me something interesting about you.

I am OCD and a clean freak. I prefer things in my life to be neat and in order, including home and work. I also enjoy Doo Wop music/concerts.

What is your favorite flight?

A flight with my husband to NYC for the day to explore.

How long have you worked for flyExclusive?

Three years. I also was employeed with Segrave Aviation/Delta Private Jets for five years.

What is your favorite memory working here?

Seeing where we were three years ago to now is amazing. The number of employees and aircraft have grown so fast and I think everyone is killing it to make this such a successful company. I did work for the company when it was Segrave Aviation and was able to meet and eat lunch with Regis Philbin, so that is an awesome memory.

Donald Jaeger
Donald Jaeger
Check airman Citation XL/XLS. Pilot Citation XL/XLS and Gulfstream GIV.
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