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Jeb Britton
Favorite Quote:
“It’s a way to ruin a nice walk.”
- Mark Twain, regarding playing golf.

Jeb Britton

Pilot - Encore 4th Year Captain
What do you like most about working at flyExclusive?

The people here are the key to the friendly environment that I have always found a key reason to remain with flyExclusive. Second is the wide range of destinations around the country. Always something new to explore.

Do you have any interesting hobbies?

Scuba diving and relaxing on the beach with my family.

What is your favorite movie?

It’s a Wonderful Life

Tell me something interesting about you.

I was a bodyguard for Bruce Springsteen.

How long have you been a pilot? What's your favorite part of the job?

Pilot for 21 years, the travel and meeting new people.

If you were in the military, what was your rank?

Navy Operations Specialist E5

How long have you worked here?

5 years

Favorite memory working here?

Many overnights were memorable but going to a Metallica concert, New York Times Square, Manhattan, Las Vegas for 4 days! Lots of fun times with some great people.

Donald Jaeger
Donald Jaeger
Check airman Citation XL/XLS. Pilot Citation XL/XLS and Gulfstream GIV.
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