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Talina Massey
Favorite Quote:
"In the bigger scheme of things the universe is not asking us to do something, the universe is asking us to be something. And that's a whole different thing."
- Lucille Clifton

Talina Massey

Services Team Coordinator - Member Services
What do you like most about working at flyExclusive?

My team! Their support and encouragement are the intangibles that make spending so much time away from our families everyday totally worth it.

Do you have any interesting hobbies?

Shooting and singing. And sometimes at the same time!

What is your favorite movie?

Harlem Nights

Tell me something interesting about you.

I lived on an island named Okinawa for 3 years.

How long have you been a pilot? What is your favorite part of the job (if this applies to you)?

Engineering solutions to our Jet Club Members and Partners' conundrums.

If you were in the military, what was your rank?

E-5, Sergeant in the US Marine Corps

What is your favorite flight?

The Discovery Flight I flew in March '22.

How long have you worked for flyExclusive?

4 months

Favorite memory working here.

Today, winning this award. It shows that I'm not just a cog in the wheel and I'm appreciated by my flyFamily.

Donald Jaeger
Donald Jaeger
Check airman Citation XL/XLS. Pilot Citation XL/XLS and Gulfstream GIV.
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