A Closer Look at flyExclusive’s Aviation Operations

As the world of aviation continues to evolve, top private aviation companies like flyExclusive play a vital role in providing luxurious and efficient travel experiences.

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As the world of aviation continues to evolve, top private aviation companies like flyExclusive play a vital role in providing luxurious and efficient travel experiences. Behind the scenes, flyExclusive operates under various regulations and certifications to ensure safe and reliable flights, as we relentlessly work on becoming the most vertically integrated private aviation company in the industry. Three specific aviation operations form the backbone of flyExclusive's services: FAA Part 135 operations, Part 91, and now aviation Part 145. Understanding these operations sheds light on the meticulous planning and compliance measures taken by flyExclusive to deliver exceptional private jet experiences. The ability to provide non-commercial flights, non-scheduled aircraft operations, and perform maintenance, repair, paint, interior, and avionics services on third-party aircraft done by our jet aviation MRO team sets flyExclusive apart.

Part 135 Operations: Exceeding Standards for Safety and Service

Under Part 135 regulations, flyExclusive operates as a certified air carrier, allowing them to provide on-demand charter services to their discerning clientele. FAA Part 135 operations refer to the FAA regulations governing aircraft operation for compensation or hire. This means that clients can book a flight with flyExclusive on short notice, and flyExclusive will provide the aircraft and crew to take them to their destination. This designation requires meticulous aircraft inspections, pilot training, qualification programs, and robust safety management systems. By exceeding the minimum requirements, flyExclusive sets a higher standard for safety and service, providing guests with peace of mind and confidence in their travel arrangements while generating vital benefits to our private charter experiences.

Benefits of FAA Part 135 Operations

  • Enhanced safety standards require adherence to our MRO facility aviation team's stringent safety regulations and protocols.
  • Operational flexibility so flights can be scheduled and tailored to meet the specific needs of passengers.
  • Compliance with the Federal Aviation Administration regulations promotes consistency, accountability, and professionalism, increasing customer trust and satisfaction.
  • Passengers are better insured on a Part 135 flight.

Part 91 Operations: Tailored Experiences for Private Jet Owners

Part 91 operations come into play when flyExclusive provides services to private jet Owners who operate their aircraft for personal or business purposes, under our Fractional Jet Ownership program. Under Part 91, flyExclusive acts as a private operator, catering to its client's specific needs and preferences. With Part 91 operations, flyExclusive works closely with private jet Owners to tailor travel experiences. Tailoring travel experiences includes flight planning, aircraft management, maintenance oversight, and coordination of ground services. By offering comprehensive support, flyExclusive’s team ensures that all private jet Owners can enjoy the benefits of owning an aircraft while relieving them of the administrative burdens associated with its operation.

Receive These Benefits as a Private Jet Owner Under Part 91

  • Unlike commercial operations governed by more stringent regulations, Part 91 allows for excellent flight planning, scheduling, and routing freedom.
  • As an operator under Part 91, owners can reduce expenses by utilizing their aircraft for personal trips and business purposes. Owners can offset some of the costs of owning and maintaining their private jet by sharing the expenses with co-owners or conducting permissible operations.
  • Part 91 operations prioritize personalized service and privacy for Fractional private jet Owners.
  • Under Part 91, top private aviation companies have a more straightforward compliance process, fewer administrative burdens, and less paperwork.

Part 145 Operations: Ensuring Aircraft Maintenance Excellence

Aviation Part 145 operations encompass flyExclusive's aircraft maintenance and repair activities. As a Part 145 repair station, flyExclusive’s MRO facility aviation technicians are now authorized to perform maintenance, inspections, and repairs on a wide range of private jets. This certification ensures that flyExclusive's fleet operates at the highest levels of safety and airworthiness. Within their aviation Part 145 operations, flyExclusive maintains a dedicated team of skilled jet aviation MRO technicians who undergo rigorous training and certification processes in departments such as maintenance, interiors, and painting. Unlike many charter companies, we have the unique advantage of backing our promises with our in-house work. This grants us direct control over the maintenance and condition of our fleet, ensuring the highest standards of quality and reliability. Obtaining Part 145 certification will enable us to extend the same level of precision and excellence we currently provide to our passengers to other aircraft owners. With this certification, our facilities will be fully equipped to deliver top-notch services and maintenance expertise, ensuring that all aircraft owners can benefit from our exceptional standards of quality and reliability.

State-Of-The-Art Maintenance Operations

flyExclusive's aviation MRO (maintenance, repair, operations) consists of our aircraft maintenance, interiors, and paint divisions. Under Part 145 of the FAA's Code of Federal Regulations flyExclusive's jet aviation MRO facilities can ensure the highest safety and luxury with our world-class maintenance operations. From mobile service teams to aircraft engines and inspections, our highly trained technicians provide reliable results that give clients peace of mind when flying with flyExclusive. flyExclusive staffs our maintenance operation with highly trained and experienced technicians who use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that aircraft are maintained to the highest standards.

Cutting-Edge Aircraft Interior Refurbishment Painting

At flyExclusive, our state-of-the-art aircraft interior renovation facility specializes in comprehensive interior overhauls, offering a complete transformation and refurbishment of every aspect of an aircraft's interior. Our renovation facility provides many features, color schemes, and carpeting choices, empowering clients to curate a fully branded fleet that embodies their desired aesthetic and ambiance. With an extensive selection of options available, clients have the flexibility to create a cohesive and personalized look, ensuring their fleet reflects their unique style and vision. At flyExclusive, we obsess about providing nothing but the best for our clients, all the way down to the seat's stitching. We want clients to know we care about their trip just as much as they do!

flyExclusive's Advanced Electrostatic Painting and Coating Facility

Equipped with top-tier MRO experts, flyExclusive's electrostatic painting and coating facility provides exceptional aircraft exterior design services. Our facility is dedicated to delivering outstanding results, utilizing advanced techniques and the industry's best talent to ensure superior quality and craftsmanship. Our premier maintenance service offerings provide our clients with minimal downtime and peace of mind. With Part 145 in place, we can expand our advanced electrostatic painting and coating facility further to third-party aircraft.

Benefits of Excellent Aircraft Maintenance Under Part 145

  • Shows how flyExclusive's jet aviation MRO technicians demonstrate their commitment to adhering to industry best practices and meeting the strict requirements to maintain airworthiness.
  • The certification ensures that maintenance activities are conducted by skilled and trained technicians, utilizing approved procedures, tools, and equipment.
  • Allows maintenance and repair organizations to provide various services to aircraft owners and operators.
  • Being aviation Part 145-certified opens doors to partnerships with airlines, aircraft operators, and other industry stakeholders who prioritize working with reputable, certified maintenance providers.

The Future of flyExclusive

As the only Part 135 operator globally that undertakes the process of stripping and painting its jets, flyExclusive can achieve unparalleled consistency, resulting in a fleet that stands out for its remarkable uniformity and aesthetic appeal. flyExclusive's MRO division, covered by the prestigious Part 145 certification, operates round-the-clock, 24/7, with the primary objective of executing overnight repairs to maximize aircraft uptime. This commitment to efficiency ensures swift and effective maintenance services, minimizing aircraft downtime and keeping operations running smoothly, and ultimately bringing us closer to our goal of being the most vertically integrated private aviation company in the industry. With certifications in Part 91, Part 135, and Part 145 show that the FAA has confidence in flyExclusive and our ability to meet safety expectations to protect our clients using our jets and services.

Top Private Aviation Companies Show Commitment to Safety, Flexibility, and Reliability at flyExclusive

flyExclusive's commitment to excellence in aviation operations exemplifies its adherence to Part 135, Part 91, and aviation Part 145 regulations. By operating under these certifications, flyExclusive provides an exceptional private jet experience and ensures its clients' utmost safety, reliability, and efficiency. Through their dedication to stringent protocols, ongoing training, and meticulous maintenance practices, flyExclusive continues to set the standard in the private jet industry. Whether it's the complex FAA Part 135 operations, tailored Part 91 experiences, or the high-quality Part 145 maintenance, flyExclusive's commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of its aviation operations.

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