Aircraft Comparison of the Citation CJ3+

When it comes to the new Citation CJ3+ in flyExclusive's fleet, the unparalleled upgrades throughout this already award-winning aircraft are nothing short of sheer perfection.

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In the world of aviation, even the smallest bits of innovation is a feat of engineering mastery. However, when it comes to the new Citation CJ3+ the unparalleled upgrades throughout this already award-winning aircraft are nothing short of sheer perfection. Each aspect of this industry-leading jet provides unmatched luxury, performance, and technology ensuring the CJ3+ is unrivaled by any other aircraft available today.


The new Citation CJ3+ provides a variety of updates to the already incredible basis of the CJ3. This begins within the cabin. The CJ3+ is equipped with an innovative fresh air system that only regulates the air temperature but also provides a defense against airborne pathogens ensuring the highest quality in air safety. The cabin also received a modular design update providing different layouts to suit any need. Under the cabin, the CJ3+ has increased its baggage capacity from its earlier iteration. With the newer sleeker design of the CJ3+, this aircraft now possesses an outstanding 1,000-pound baggage capacity.


The Citation CJ3+ provides unmatched performance. This private aircraft is equipped with an improved engine that can propel the CJ3+ at cruising speeds of up to 478mph. Furthermore, the increased performance standards of the CJ3+ also allow it to reach altitudes of up to 45,000ft, perfect for flying over tortuous weather. However, this performance boost doesn’t end there. The new CJ3+ provides passengers and aircrew alike with an increased range over its predecessor. The new CJ3+ range tops out at an astounding 2347 miles, allowing using a fractional jet ownership model to spend more time in the air and less time fueling.


In aviation, technology and safety go hand in hand. That’s why Citation has equipped the new CJ3+ with a Garmin 3000 avionics system. This industry-leading system provides safety features such as weather avoidance radar, terrain avoidance warning system, and more. The Garmin 3000 is also paired with the already incredible Textron technologies from the CJ3. For that extra bit of safety and luxury, the CJ3+ is equipped with a SiriusXM satellite radio and satellite phone system. Furthermore, the CJ3+ provides a modern-day luxury of built-in Wifi for owners and passengers to use throughout the flight process.

Citation CJ3+ and flyExclusive Fractional Jet Ownership

The all-new CJ3+ has seen incredible improvements over the past iteration. From the luxury aspects including an increased baggage capacity to all-new avionics powered by Textron, the CJ3+ is sure to provide owners with everything they need for private flights. At flyExclusive we pride ourselves in being a leader in Citation focused fleets. Our expansive fleet of Citation CJ3+, A, and more are available for you around the clock no matter the final destination. Now along with our fractional jet ownership, owners can take advantage of our entire fleet, when and where they need it. To learn more about our fleet or about the Citation CJ3+ range and how it works with the flyExclusive Fractional Jet Ownership model, visit our website today!

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