Aircraft Review: Cessna Citation Sovereign

As one of the nation's largest Citation aircraft operators, flyExclusive offers a curated range of Citation jets as an exclusive benefit of our private Jet Club Membership, and the Citation Sovereign plays a significant role within our Cessna fleet.

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The Citation family is world-renowned for its unmatched quality, reliable travel, and authority in the private aircraft industry. As one of the world’s largest Citation aircraft operator, flyExclusive offers a curated range of Citation jets as an exclusive benefit of our private Jet Club Membership. The Citation Sovereign plays a significant role within our Citation fleet. Read on to learn more about the unique features of the Citation Sovereign, from its composition to the complementary amenities that set this aircraft apart from all other private jets in the airspace.

Citation Sovereign for Private Travel

Famously known for bridging the Citation Excel/XLS and Citation X, the Citation Sovereign is the ultimate choice for private travelers seeking a superior flight experience. The Sovereign was introduced in 1998 at the NBAA Annual convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Citation family’s latest addition took to the skies in February 2002. Within flyExclusive’s reputable fleet of over 90 jets, this exceptional Citation aircraft reserves seven models available to Private Jet Club Membership holders.

Citation Sovereign Interior

Inside one of flyExclusive's Cessna Citation Sovereign aircraft.

The Citation Sovereign offers the largest cabin of any midsize jet in its class, featuring an interior cabin volume of a spacious 571 cubic feet. The aircraft comfortably seats eight to nine passengers, allowing room for the whole family, party, or department team. As part of flyExclusive's Private Jet Club Membership, passengers gain access to exceptional interior amenities that elevate their flight, providing all onboard with a modern feel to match our dedication to passenger experience.

The Citation Sovereign allows passengers to move comfortably and securely throughout the cabin with its dimensions of 5.7 feet in height, a width of 5.5 feet, and an impressive total cabin length of 25.3 feet. This Super-Midsized private aircraft is equipped with a 135 cubic feet luggage cabin, simplifying passenger travel and removing any worries regarding sufficient luggage space. Each Citation aircraft within our fleet comes equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities, accommodating all passengers with a convenient connection for work or leisure.

Citation Sovereign Exterior

The exterior of one of flyExclusive's Cessna Citation Sovereign.

As one of three Super-Midsize Citation aircraft options within flyExclusive’s private Jet Club Membership, the Citation Sovereign is ideal for long-range, coast-to-coast trips of up to five hours with capabilities of reaching lofty maximum altitudes of up to 47,000 miles high. The Citation aircraft features two Pratt & Whitney PW306C engines for maximized reliability.

Citation Sovereign Engine Features

The Pratt & Whitney PW306C engines offer superior travel capabilities for ultimate passenger comfort and peace of mind, including:

  • 5,770 pounds of thrust with each engine
  • Combined fuel usage of 247 gallons per hour
  • Travel range of 2,829 nautical miles

These capabilities distinguish the Citation Sovereign as the lead in class for runway and climb performance.

Experience the Difference with Citation Aircraft Fleet

For an exceptional flight experience with fine attention to detail in comfort, performance, and economy, trust the Citation Sovereign within flyExclusive's impressive fleet. When you fly with our private Jet Club Membership, you gain access to any aircraft within our range of over 90 private jets. Additionally, experience enhanced customization options to tailor your flight, meeting each preference that suits your needs when onboard with flyExclusive. To learn more about our other private aircraft models within our fleet or to sign up for our Private Jet Club Membership, visit:

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