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At flyExclusive, our Fractional Jet Ownership model allows travelers to truly fly like an Owner without the cost, commitment, and headaches while traveling in 2023.

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As the final few COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted, 2023 has become the year of travel. Destinations nationwide are welcoming back guests to new, fresh experiences. Using Fractional Jet Ownership, Owners ensure their travel this year is a breeze. At flyExclusive, our Fractional Ownership model allows travelers to truly fly like an Owner without the cost, commitment, and headaches while traveling to incredible destinations such as Florida, New York, and Colorado.

Ownership Benefits

When it comes to Fractional Jet Ownership, the biggest and most obvious benefit is the assurance that the aircraft will be truly at the beg and call of the Owner. Depending on the hours purchased, Owners will receive unmatched access to not only a single jet, but a full array of aircraft in our expansive fleet of 90+ luxury Cessna Citation jets. This allows Owners to pick and choose the aircraft necessary on a flight-by-flight basis. For example, Owners who are planning to take a private flight to Florida with their family should opt for a jet with a larger passenger capacity such as the Citation CJ3+. Furthermore, with Fractional Ownership, never worry about hiring a crew to man the aircraft or maintain the aircraft while grounded in between flights. flyExclusive’s Fractional Ownership program ensures that each time an Owner is ready to fly their private jet to New York or any other destination it is ready to go.

Cost Benefits

Fractional Jet Ownership offers a variety of cost benefits over not only traditional ownership but other models as well. As Fractional Ownership is based on a single financial commitment that doesn’t require monthly maintenance fees, the level of initial investment is lower than that of traditional, full jet ownership. For those taking their private jet to Aspen or anywhere else regularly, they may see cost savings as fractional ownership doesn’t require daily minimums for their flights. These savings can be tremendous, especially for those choosing to individually charter their flight each time they travel. Plus for those who may need their aircraft in another city than where they last visited, Fractional Ownership ensures that they won’t be charged for those repositioning fees. For example, if an owner flew on their private jet to Aspen but needs to be picked up in New York, they can do so without penalty. Lastly, Fractional Owners receive specific tax incentives that other models such as jet cards don’t provide.

flyExclusive | Fractional Jet Ownership

If travel is on your to-do list this year, then flyExclusive has you covered. Our industry-leading Fractional Jet Ownership model ensures each owner can choose from an expansive fleet of Cessna aircraft including the all-new Citation CJ3+. Plus, with our easy-to-understand commitment levels of 50 hours, 75 hours, and 100 hours, you are sure to find the right option that suits your travel needs. Whether you are planning a quick private flight to Florida or need a way to travel for work, our Fractional Jet Ownership removes the headaches of ownership while providing ownership-level access. To learn more about flyExclusive Fractional Ownership or to book your private jet to New York, visit our website today.

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