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For those looking to travel to the incredible New York City using a private jet NYC, rely on flyExclusive and our variety of private jet travel services to deliver you there with ease from any destination.

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New York City is truly a city like no other. With a last recorded population of over eight million people from all around the world, this destination provides visitors with the perfect blend of culture, excitement, and most importantly, luxury. For those looking to travel to this incredible city using a private jet NYC, that luxury begins from the starting location. However, understanding where a traveler can visit the Big Apple from, what type of jet they need to do so, and what their private jet travel options for the specific aircraft chosen are, is crucial to booking the perfect getaway with flyExclusive.

Private Flights to New York from Miami

Miami to New York City offers a luxurious and convenient travel experience that has become popular due to the distinct experiences of the two cities. Unlike the other destinations on this list, the distance between the two cities is pretty short with only approximately 1,000 miles separating them. This equates to a typical private flight only taking about two hours and 30 minutes depending on the private jet NYC being used. As the entirety of the flight will take place on the eastern seaboard, passengers and Members will enjoy picturesque views over incredible cities including Charleston, Baltimore, and Philadelphia, as well as the many beaches along the way.

Private Flights to New York from Aspen

Another increasingly common route for travelers looking for an opportunity to experience the excitement of the city is the trek to New York City from Aspen. Placed in the center of the United States, the distance from Aspen to New York City is approximately 1,800 miles. This means that on average it would take around three hours and 15 minutes to fly there on a non-stop flight on a Cessna CJ3+. During the flight on the private jet New York, flyers will experience a blend of a variety of different scenery including mountain landscapes, rolling hills, and more.

Flying Private to New York from San Francisco

With San Francisco’s airport being one of the busiest in the country, especially during holiday periods, choosing to fly private from California to New York can make or break a trip. Flying to New York City from San Francisco is a luxurious and convenient way to travel between the coasts. As the farthest city on this list from New York City with an approximate distance of 2,500 miles, Members can expect to arrive in the Big Apple in around six hours on a NYC private jet.

Jet Club Member disembarking her private jet to NYC with flyExclusive.

Cessna Aircraft Selection

Regardless of the starting point, choosing the correct aircraft for the occasion is crucial when flying to New York City. Selecting a company that offers a range of aircraft of every size, including light, mid, and super mid-sized planes ensure travelers will be able to make the trip without unnecessary layovers or stops. For example, light aircraft such as the Citation Encore are typically used for personal or business travel and can accommodate up to seven passengers. This style of NYC private jet is known for its fuel efficiency and sleek design. Continuing in the Cessna family are mid-sized aircraft such as the Citation Excel. These jets ****are larger and can accommodate up to eight passengers and can be used for longer trips and offer more spacious interiors and advanced technology. Additionally, super mid-sized aircraft such as the Citation X are the largest in their lineup and can accommodate up to nine passengers. These private jet NYC aircraft are equipped with state-of-the-art features and offer the highest level of comfort and luxury, perfect for delivering flyers to ‘the city that never sleeps’.

Private Jet Travel Options

Through flyExclusive, those interested in traveling to New York City from any destination are able to book a private flight in one of three ways; chartering a flight, joining our private Jet Club Membership, or committing to our Fractional Ownership program of a Cessna CJ3+ private jet New York. Each of these options provides its own distinct benefits for those looking into private travel that should be reviewed prior to a decision being made. One benefit of joining our private Jet Club Membership is the flexibility it offers. flyExclusive Jet Club Members pay a monthly fee, allowing you to then book flights on a per-trip basis, only paying for the hours in the air at a daily or hourly rate. This is a convenient option for those who fly less than 50 hours per year and are looking for little to no commitment. On the other hand, fractional ownership of a private jet NYC offers a sense of ownership of a luxury aircraft and the ability to customize your flight experience to one's preferences. With flyExclusive Fractional Ownership, an individual purchases a share of a brand-new Cessna CJ3+ jet and is granted access to it for a certain number of hours per year. This option is often more cost-effective than full ownership and allows for more consistent access to a private jet.

Private Jet to NYC | flyExclusive

New York City, is often revered as a destination like no other. The glimmering lights, the unparalleled attractions, and the overall ambiance of the city is truly a site to behold. At flyExclusive, we believe everyone should experience the sheer magnificence of this modern marvel, and what better way to do that than by skipping the line and choosing to fly on a private jet to NYC? We provide those choosing to fly private from any destination with a luxury-packed vacation that begins before you ever step on the aircraft. Our team of aviation experts offers an unmatched fleet of light, medium, and super medium jets equipped with the latest amenities including inflight wifi. Our team is here around the clock to ensure each trip on our NYC private jet is tailored specifically to the needs of you and your passengers. To schedule your trip to New York City today visit our website.

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