Cessna Fractional Ownership of a Citation CJ3+

With the Cessna Fractional Ownership status, travelers fly whenever, wherever - all with full access to our Cessna Citation fleet to meet the needs of their travel destination.

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With markets in the private aviation industry trending toward new levels of control and access, the Fractional Jet Ownership options appeal to travelers seeking benefits accessible of full private jet ownership with access to lower capital options than full ownership. With flyExclusive’s private jet Fractional Ownership, Owners experience seamless ownership benefits, enhanced private jet experiences, and unlimited access to our fleet of Light, Midsize, and Super-Midsize aircraft to meet travel needs. Read on to learn more about all that flyExclusive’s Cessna Fractional Ownership has to offer, including Fractional Ownership opportunities of a Citation CJ3+.

Citation CJ3+ Provides Class-Leading Luxury

As part of the private aviation market’s leading aircraft family, the Citation CJ3+ offers unmatched Fractional control with multiple layouts, color schemes, and additional comfort-focused amenities intentionally selected to exceed passenger expectations. Fly comfortably with up to six passengers, rest upon spacious seating, and utilize dining and workspace options made available to those interested in Cessna Fractional Ownership of a Citation CJ3+. The exterior of the Citation CJ3+ offers the latest sleek designs with enhanced aerodynamic features for next-class comfort and unmistakable identity as part of the aircraft family that defines the upper echelon of private aircraft.

Citation CJ3+ Performs with Elite Avionic Precision

As part of our core mission to provide unparalleled safety measures for each flight, flyExclusive puts the safety of all passengers and crew members first. Through our advanced Safety Management System (SMS), our dedicated Services team is in ongoing communication with our ARGUS Platinum and Wyvern Wingman third-party certified operators to ensure passengers experience a seamless flight with continual safety monitoring.

When flyExclusive Fractional Owners step onboard their Citation CJ3+, they experience peace of mind knowing that with the jet’s GARMIN G3000 avionics suite, their flight conducts monitoring with the industry standard in process times and imaging technology.

Citation CJ3+ Offers Unwavering Reliability

All passengers onboard can rely on the Citation CJ3+ to travel with expedience, precision, and unmatched navigational precision. The Garmin system ensures each flight’s onboard system provides each passenger and crew member with ultimate safety features. Within the onboard system, flights come equipped with performance monitoring systems, dual-channel autopilot features, and precise navigation tools that track flight paths from runway takeoff to final destination arrival.

Experience Cessna Fractional Ownership With flyExclusive

For private travelers that fly more than 40 hours annually, the private jet Fractional Ownership with flyExclusive provides members with consistency, reliability, and ultimate comfort and safety features. With the Cessna Fractional Ownership status, travelers fly whenever, wherever - all with full access to our fleet of Light, Midsize, Super-Midsize, and Large Cabin aircraft to meet the needs of their travel destination. Enjoy no monthly management fees, no positioning fees or daily minimums, and no safety compromises with the help of our aviation MRO facility and dedicated services team. To learn more about what features await you with a Cessna Fractional Ownership status with flyExclusive, visit: https://www.flyexclusive.com/fractional

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