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Choosing to be a private jet pilot provides you with the freedom of being in the air, with the luxury of enjoying your time on the ground.

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For most, being a pilot is a lifelong dream. The adventurous life of being on the go and exploring cities across the globe is a career unlike any other. Pairing that with the luxury of flying for a private jet provider only enhances this incredible path. Choosing to be a private jet pilot provides you with the freedom of being in the air, with the luxury of enjoying your time on the ground. At flyExclusive, our private pilot jobs come with unmatched benefits perfect for any lifestyle you choose to live.

Financial Benefits

At flyExclusive, we hire the best and most experienced pilots in the aviation industry. That’s why we provide private pilot jobs that provide unmatched financial benefits. On top of our industry-leading base salaries, we provide each private jet pilot with sizable per-diems. These allow our team members to enjoy their destination without having to worry about the costs of lodging, dining, and more. Furthermore, flyExclusive provides unmatched pay for time off. Lastly, we provide generous bonuses including a pilot referral bonus to each member of our aviation crew.

Lifestyle Benefits

At flyExclusive we understand there isn’t a view in the world like that of one from 40,000 feet. However, we also understand that there are prices to pay when traveling for work, such as leaving loved ones at home. This is why we provide our pilots with a culture focused on enjoying their family life. Our private pilot jobs provide our pilots with the ability to live anywhere in the lower 48 states provided it is within an hour of an airport. Furthermore, with our simple 15/13 or 8/6 flying schedules, you’re able to enjoy the comfort of being home without having the stress of wondering about your next flight. Lastly, we equip each private jet pilot with a wellness plan including a gym membership to keep both the mind and body feeling great.

The Fleet

At flyExclusive we understand that flying the same aircraft can become tedious after a while. That’s why our private pilot jobs offer you the peace of mind that you are joining the second-largest operator of Citation jets in the world. Our expansive fleet is stocked with Citation CJ3+, Citation Sovereigns, and more. Each private jet pilot has the opportunity to choose their preferred jet and to experience a variety of aircraft throughout their career at flyExclusive. Along with our top-of-the-line fleet, our in-house MRO team helps ensure that each jet you fly on is luxury packed and kept to above industry standard safety specifications.

Private Pilot Jobs with flyExclusive

At flyExclusive we understand that each private jet pilot we employ is the reason we have been able to connect with so many incredible Members. That’s why we focus on ensuring that we provide unmatched benefits in each aspect of our pilot’s career. Whether it’s a financial benefit, lifestyle benefit, or our fleet, we want to make you feel at home on day one. At flyExclusive we welcome you to join our flyFamily by choosing one of our many private pilot jobs available and join at one of the fastest-growing business aviation companies in the nation! For more information regarding our aviation careers, visit our website.

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