Feel Free When Flying Private: Travel for Independence Day

The increase in travel has resulted in many deciding to make the transition from commercial to private jet flights with their flexibility, dependability, and simplicity during the Fourth of July holiday rush. .

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There is no question that Independence Day is one of the most traveled holidays in America, with nearly half of the country's population planning to travel. However, with the circumstances of the year, travel this 4th of July may be near impossible due to the holiday landing on a Monday resulting in a long weekend and the continuing slow yet steady lift of COVID-19 restrictions, this Fourth is sure to see heavily packed roads, airports, and railways. This increase in traffic has resulted in many deciding to make the transition from commercial to private jet flights with their flexibility, dependability, and simplicity.


As travel restrictions continue to subside, new cities and previously popular destinations are seeing an increase in travelers. According to USA Today, cities such as Orlando, New York City, and Honolulu are expected to see an influx of travelers this year, compared to their typical summer numbers, and for good reason. Destinations such as Orlando have returned to being a hotspot for passengers of private flights and their families. The family-friendly environment and attractions make this a dream destination for families with younger children. Much like Orlando, the reduction of restrictions is sure to increase the traffic into New York City. The bustling nightlife and melting pot of cultures make “The Big Apple” a bucket list destination for many around the world. With access to two major airports, NYC is the perfect destination for those looking to travel with a top safety rated charter. Similar to New York City, Honolulu’s vastly different culture from other major American cities has led many to pick it as their holiday destination of choice. Along with the incredible culture, with picturesque hiking views and crystal clear waters it is no wonder why Honolulu is a top destination when traveling through private jet flights.

Why Fly Private for Holiday Travel?

The extraordinary amount of expected travelers this 4th of July holiday has made it a must to travel with a top safety rated charter. Choosing to fly private reduces a variety of headaches that can often make travel uncomfortable. As opposed to flying commercial, private flights require minimal time in the airport itself. Gone are the long lines, the baggage checks, and having to plan when to leave your home to make the flight in time. Along with the timing, as private jet flights aren’t dependent on as many factors, passengers never worry about the potential of delays or cancellations. Lastly, the ability to book a flight from any destination to any destination without the worries of layovers or unnecessary stoppages ensures those choosing private flights over their commercial counterparts the luxury of getting to the destination sooner.

flyExclusive | Private Jet Flights

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