Fly Like an Owner: Fractional vs. Jet Club Explained

Fractional jet ownership and private jet clubs offer travelers new levels of access and savings, each in its own way. Discover the differences in our blog.

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No matter the travel need, flyExclusive offers flyers complete control over their private jet travel. However, with the wide variety of private air travel options available, it may be challenging to understand the nuances of each program on the market. flyExclusive’s Fractional Jet Ownership and Private Jet Club are just two of the programs interested customers may come across, each vary different from the other. Read on to discover the foundational differences between Fractional Ownership and Jet Club.

Private Jet Club

With flyExclusive’s Private Jet Club Membership, you get complete, unlimited access to our Citation fleet. This includes on-demand access to our light, mid, and super-mid-sized jets in the Citation fleet that is fully available to Members depending on the needs for any given trip. While per-flight costs vary depending on membership level, all private Jet Club Members receive a premier flight experience.

This is because flyExclusive’s Jet Club Membership enables you total control over every aspect of your flight. Members choose your aircraft, in-flight catering, departure time, and more, allowing Members to tailor the trip to their liking. With significantly lower daily and hourly aircraft rates, Members truly get the feeling of owning their own private aircraft without the hassle and stress of committing to full ownership.

Advantages of Jet Club

Members who choose flyExclusive’s Jet Club gain unparalleled access, control, benefits, and savings. Unlike other private jet club membership options, flyExclusive presents a customized service that caters to Members' needs and comforts. The dedicated Member Services Team works with Members to craft their private flight trip, select the jet from our Citation fleet that best suits their flight needs, provide ground transportation and recommend car services, satisfy catering requests, and more.

Fractional Ownership

flyExclusive’s Fractional Jet Ownership allows Owners to fly private by offering partial ownership of a Citation CJ3+ Light jet, similar to a timeshare. Ownership levels depend on how many average hours Owners predict they fly throughout the year. flyExclusive’s Fractional program has 40, 80, and 160-hour offerings, meaning Owners have unlimited access to their aircraft for up to their hour limit. However, if Owners require additional flight hours or their Citation CJ3+ jet is unavailable, flyExclusive’s Citation fleet is accessible.

With Fractional Jet Ownership, there are no additional deposits, fees, or charges. Unlike the Jet Club Membership, Fractional Owners won't experience monthly fees. Owners only cover the daily and hourly rates, which are directly associated with the costs incurred with the flight. Only pay for what's needed when it's needed. If you know your travel habits well, Fractional allows you to avoid daily minimum costs, monthly management fees, and positioning fees while retaining the level of control that any private jet owner would experience.

Advantages of Fractional Jet Ownership

The top benefits of fractional jet ownership include greater flexibility for schedules, enhanced Owner privacy, guaranteed flight access with additional options to meet your travel needs, and investment opportunities for Owners. A Fractional Jet Ownership with flyExclusive offers Owners the highest levels of personalization for their flight experience. An additional advantage to fractional ownership includes addressing the pain points of full traditional ownership, specifically the typical maintenance, management, and responsibility required of the jet owner. The team of expert service members professionally manages all those details for flyExclusive Owners.

Premier Private Flight Solutions from flyExclusive

When deciding between Fractional and Jet Club Membership, there is no better option, simply select the one that fits your preferred flying hours, budget, and travel plans. Both choices provide customers owner-like control over our Citation fleet and luxury flights with the top safety-rated private jet charter. flyExclusive is ARG/US and Wyvern certified, achieved by less than five percent of all private flight providers. flyExclusive has leveraged years of experience and dedication to premier private flights to provide multiple options that allow us to best work for customers. Our private Jet Club Membership is perfect for flyers who want the freedom and flexibility to go anywhere at any time; Fractional allows you to be more money-conscious, only paying for what you use and need while maintaining control. Learn more about our private Jet Club and Fractional options and fly like an owner with flyExclusive.

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