Fly Private to Florida: Private Jet NYC to Miami

Are you looking to leave behind stressful everyday life and escape to paradise? Flying privately with flyExclusive allows frequent travelers to book flights to Miami from NYC without the common stresses of commercial air travel.

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The east coast is home to a majority of the United States' major cities. The two most popular east coast cities, New York City and Miami, are the top two most visited cities across the nation. As hubs for culture, economic development, and education, New York City and Miami’s airports also see some of the longest lines throughout the country. However, flying privately allows frequent travelers to book flights to Miami from NYC without the common stresses of commercial air travel.

Private Flights from New York

New York City is home to a number of major airports including John F. Kennedy International Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport, and LaGuardia Airport. These airports are renowned for the amount of flight traffic they handle on an average day. However, this high rate of usage along with other factors has led to massive delays across the city. These delays have pushed neighboring private jet-focused airports to pick up the eager travelers. The proximity to the city along with the incredible benefits of choosing Teterboro airport flights has made private jet travel from NYC a no-brainer. Travelers are able to experience quick and easy boarding for their flights from NYC to Miami without worrying about delays and long check-in lines.

Private Flights to Miami

Miami, much like New York City, has a very well-established air travel system that is currently seeing heavy delays for commercial flights. This has led more travelers to enjoy the benefits of flying private. Along with the aforementioned reduction in time spent in security checks, using PBI nonstop flights, travelers are able to get to Miami without worries of delays. These time savings can also be seen in vice-versa as flights to Miami from NYC can be accomplished quickly through the West Palm Beach airport near Miami.

flyExclusive | flights from NYC to Miami

Flying private is the most surefire way to ensure you don’t have to worry about delays. Whether it’s from Miami or New York City, choosing to fly on a commercial flight can not only cost you financially but it can cost you valuable time. That’s why at flyExclusive our mission is to provide you with luxury-packed flights to Miami from NYC so you can enjoy your trip on your schedule. Our team of experienced aviation specialists is here around the clock to take care of each step of your flight process from booking to post-landing. To learn more about the benefits of using a flyExclusive charter or Jet Club membership visit our website.

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