flyExclusive and AeroAngel Grow Partnership to Bring Children to Lifesaving Care

With this partnership, flyExclusive has committed to increasing its annual support of AeroAngel by providing 50 percent more flights in 2023.

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flyExclusive sets goal increase support by 50% in 2023

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE —January 10, 2023—Today, flyExclusive, one of the five largest private aviation companies in the country, and AeroAngel, a unique aviation charity that provides seriously ill children and their families transportation to distant life-saving medical care, announced the growth of their partnership to provide more children and their families transportation to life-saving medical care through free, private jet travel. With this partnership, flyExclusive has committed to increasing its annual support of AeroAngel by providing 50 percent more flights in 2023.

“flyExclusive values opportunities to do its part to give back and AeroAngel helps us use our own fleet to bring critical medical services to children and families who need it,” said Tommy Sowers, flyExclusive President. “In 2022, we are proud to have been able to provide AeroAngel passengers with thirteen flights and look forward to growing that support even more this coming year and continuing this great partnership.”

Last year flyExclusive flew seriously ill children and their families over 15,000 miles to ensure access to essential and life-dependent medical care. The Joly family of RiverFalls, Wisconsin is among those who benefitted from AeroAngel and flyExclusive’s partnership in 2022 when their immunocompromised baby needed care in Boston. “Jen Joly was concerned about commercial travel as a parainfluenza infection nearly derailed her daughter’s last treatment but thanks to AeroAngel and support from flyExclusive, Jen’s daughter successfully traveled to the hospital, and the flight team’s delicacy and care helped to alleviate the family’s fears of exposing their child to deadly pathogens,” shared Sowers.

"Traveling with any infant can be stressful but when your baby is seriously immunocompromised, it can be terrifying. We are so grateful to AeroAngel and flyExclusive for bringing our sweet daughter home earlier this month,” said Jen Joly. “From the moment we arrived at the airport, we were treated with incredible care, alleviating our fears about exposing our girl to another virus after a hospital stay at home due to parainfluenza nearly derailed her latest treatment in Boston.”

"Without our partnership with flyExclusive this year, we would not have been able to fill many critical flight requests on short notice, including several cross-country flights,” said Mark Pestal, AeroAngel Founder and Volunteer Executive Director. “From our first flyExclusive flight, we experienced a high level of confidence and peace of mind that each AeroAngel flight would be airborne on schedule and be flown with the highest level of safety."

flyExclusive and AeroAngel began their partnership during the COVID-19 pandemic when demand for private jets was incredibly high and access to medical care was strained for patients in need. AeroAngel sought to partner with flyExclusive thanks to the company’s exceptional safety standards, reliability in dispatch availability, and deep commitment being part of a larger cause.

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