flyExclusive: Best of the Best in Private Jet Cards and Private Jet Memberships

flyExclusive’s Jet Club Membership has been named the winner of the prestigious Robb Report Best of the Best Awards in the ‘Jet Cards and Memberships’ category for 2022!

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When you are looking for a Jet Club Membership that works for you and your family, what are some of the criteria that you are looking for? Is it safety? Is it reliability? Is it luxury? At flyExclusive, we asked ourselves that very question when we were designing our world-class Jet Club. It was that introspection and our constant strive for excellence that not only made our Jet Club stand out, but it also made it the best. That is why we are honored to say that flyExclusive’s Jet Club has been awarded Robb Reports Best of the Best for Jet Clubs and Membership.

What Makes flyExclusive Different

Simply put, our dedication to our Jet Club Members has led flyExclusive to be the award-winning aviation company it is today. Our Jet Club Membership lets Members fly like an owner by ensuring availability to any aircraft in our fleet. flyExclusive’s revolutionary floating fleet model includes luxurious jets in a variety of sizes to meet any Member's needs or preferences. Our massive fleet of 85+ Cessna, Citation x, and Gulfstream GIV jets are designed specifically with our Jet Club Members in mind.

Beyond our fleet, flyExclusive’s Jet Club Membership includes services that make booking and flying a breeze. Our dedicated Membership provides tiered pricing structures to fit the different needs and budgets of our incredible passengers. Furthermore, flyExclusive has added incentives which include shorter turnaround times and no black-out dates. Along with personalized touches including transportation to and from the airport, personalized meals, and a dedicated app to manage your booking, flyExclusive provides around-the-clock support for our Jet Club Members everywhere.

What You May Not Know

At flyExclusive, we are able to provide countless benefits through our Jet Club Membership, however, that would not be possible without the work being done behind the scenes. At flyExclusive we pride ourselves on our incredible floating fleet of aircraft and all the luxurious personalizations designed specifically for our Members. That being said, none of this would be possible without the amazing work done by our in-house MRO team. Our commitment to keeping our aircraft safe and modern has pushed flyExclusive to build a massive 24,000 sqft. facility to ensure our fleet exceeds our Member’s expectations. It also makes flyExclusive the only Part 135 operator that houses an MRO facility that paints and refurbishes its own fleet.

flyExclusive's Jet Club Membership

At flyExclusive we strive to provide the best of the best for our Jet Club Members. That means being prepared to provide a luxurious and safe trip before you ever step on one of our aircraft. Our expansive fleet and knowledgeable staff provide around-the-clock service to get you to your destination quickly, efficiently, and most importantly safely. Our mission is that Members of the flyExclusive Jet Club experience the perks of ownership without the headaches and worries that ownership can bring. It is that undying commitment that led us to be awarded this prestigious honor from the Robb Report. To learn more about flyExclusive’s Jet Club Membership download a Jet Club brochure and speak to our sales team.

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