flyExclusive is Presently Hiring Aircraft Painter Apprentices

flyExclusive is presently hiring aircraft painter apprentices as one of their available private jet careers.

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Corrosion is the enemy of aircraft; it is the single most significant factor in the degradation of an airframe. The best measure to protect the airframe components from corrosion is a quality paint job. At flyExclusive, we have a full-service, in-house maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) facility that includes a complete paint service to clean, strip, and repaint our fleet of private jets offered in part with our Jet Club Membership. In addition, flyExclusive is presently hiring aircraft painter apprentices for this operation.

The Electrostatic Painting & Coating Facility

The flyExclusive MRO facility features a full-service electrostatic Painting & Coating facility featuring two 10,000-square-foot hangars, well-suited for our fleet of Citation jets ranging from Light to Super-Mid as well as our Gulfstream GIV-SPs. The electrostatic paint process minimizes the volume of hazardous materials and air pollution resulting from the painting process.

flyExclusive's downdraft paint system produces a draft pattern that acts in a descending manner from ceiling to floor, which has a grated surface for optimal airflow and drainage. The overspray and contaminants are pulled downwards and scrubbed. This design has a great benefit since paint particles are heavier than air and are pulled downward by gravity. It is an excellent system for aircraft use, which has many curves and compound shapes where paint tends to pool.

The Process

flyExclusive has conducted complete strips and repaints on ten of our jets available to Jet Club Members since January of this year. The process is not simple, but it is essential to improve the experience for the client.

  • First, the jet is brought into the facility to undergo a thorough inspection where the entire airframe is searched for signs of corrosion, broken, or cracked parts. It is at this point when any dings or dents on the surface of the aircraft are repaired.
  • The jet is then prepped for the stripping process. All windows and windshields are covered, antennas are removed, and anything that is not the aluminum skin is sealed. The stripping agent is applied and will sit for three days before being rinsed and prepped for sanding.
  • Once the stripping agent does the bulk of the work, the detailed sanding is next, where composites are strip sanded down to the factory primer. Aluminum is liquid stripped, dead paint is removed, and the surface is cleaned.
  • An anti-corrosion primer is then applied, as well as urethane to cover the sealant lines. We then guide coat the airplane to find low and high spots, pinholes, and other imperfections that need to be sealed.
  • The jet is now ready for base paint, striping, lettering, numbering, and detail work.

flyExclusive utilizes the latest green technologies to refurbish and repaint our private aircraft. Complete temperature and humidity control with the ability to bake an aircraft for eight hours at 120 degrees and immediately lower the humidity allows for our painting crew to continue the process and create jets with customization per the client's requests.

The job is not quick; the average turnaround time is 25-32 days, but this is substantially reduced when additional shifts are added. Our Gulfstream GIV-SP jets take quite a bit longer, coming in at about 45 days. With the ability to work around the clock, the flyExclusive MRO facility will be refurbishing and producing world-class aircraft at pinnacle speed.

Why Paint for flyExclusive?

flyExclusive has a significant benefit over other MRO facilities due to our mass capabilities. We schedule our fleet to ensure minimum downtime. We take care of our flyFamily; when we bring you onboard and train you for any of our private jet careers, we want you to know you belong here. Our facility is state-of-the-art, and our fleet is top-tier. At flyExclusive, we invite you into the world of private aviation and all of the benefits that come along with working for such a dedicated team of hard-working individuals.

Private Jet Careers in our MRO Facility | flyExclusive

flyExclusive has invested a lot in our in-house MRO facilities to ensure our fleet receives the attention it deserves and our customers fly the finest jets in the sky. Paint is the first and last component of an aircraft every customer sees, and we pride ourselves on our process and optimum result. We welcome you to join our flyFamily and hold private jet careers at one of the fastest-growing business aviation companies in the nation! For more information regarding private jet careers, visit our website.

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