flyExclusive Paving the Way for the Future: New Strip and Refurbishment Facility

flyExclusive is beyond excited to announce the development of our new Strip and Refurbishment facility enabling us to provide better quality services to our valued Jet Club Members.

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flyExclusive is beyond excited to announce the development of our new Strip and Refurbishment facility. The opening of this 24,000 square-foot facility is groundbreaking for the hard work that our fleet and crew perform each day to keep our premium private jet travel soaring above the rest. We held a ribbon cutting event to celebrate the news, and we are ready to share our new Strip and Refurbishment facility to the public.

Jim Segrave cuts ribbon at flyExclusive's Strip and Refurbishment Facility ribbon cutting ceremony


The event started off with a special welcome from John W. Rouse, the President and CEO of North Carolina Global TransPark.

Tommy Sowers, the President of flyExclusive, continued on, remarking about the features of the new world-class Strip and Refurbishment facility and its capabilities that will accommodate our quickly-growing fleet and beyond.

flyExclusive President, Tommy Sowers speaks to the guests of the ceremony

The crux of the event, the ribbon-cutting ceremony, began to commence. Lined up across the red carpet, members of our flyExclusive family joined together to hold and cut the ribbon signifying the advancement in our company and mission. We could not be more excited to be making such a large step towards overcoming industry standards and perfecting our customer service, jet servicing, and more.

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Rouse introduced the speakers that we were privileged to have at our event! Speakers included:

Closing remarks were made by Keely Koonce, the Vice President of North Carolina Global Transpark's Economic Development Region.

Not only will this Strip and Refurbishment facility provide better quality services to our valued Jet Club Members, but the facility will also allow for room for our #flyfamily community to grow. Around 200 charter airline jobs will be brought to Kinston, NC with the opening of this facility!

In closing, we are honored to have had the opportunity to bring the leaders in aviation together to celebrate our great announcement with us. We can't wait to see where the future will take our ever-growing company.

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