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flyExclusive is hiring pilots to jumpstart or continue their private jet careers and become a part of our family.

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Have you been looking for a career in piloting? Perhaps you’re simply looking for a change of scenery in your already successful piloting career? Luckily, flyExclusive is hiring pilots to jumpstart or continue their private jet careers and become a part of our family. If you’re a new and upcoming pilot, there are specific requirements that you should be aware of when training for aviation jobs near me.

Private Jet Flight Training for Private Jet Careers

When you begin the process of becoming a pilot on private jet flights, you must get a private pilot certificate. The requirements for earning your pilot certificate in order to be applicable for private airline jobs include being older than 17 and logging a minimum of 40 hours of flight time. However, it is possible, and often likely, that it will take longer than 40 hours to become capable. Within those 40 hours, some will be with a certified private jet flight instructor and the rest will be solo flight time. Additionally, you must show competence on a list of basic requirements and the English language.

While in-flight proficiency is essential, it is just as important to learn all of the ground knowledge, too. This training involves everything from weather awareness to a knowledge exam that is administered by the FAA. You must also obtain ratings to fly multi-engine aircraft as well as different types of aircraft. However, when flying for flyExclusive for your private jet careers, the time and effort are well worth the pay-off.

Why Apply for Private Pilot Jobs With flyExclusive?

flyExclusive provides pilots with incredible benefits as well as opportunities for rapid growth and development. After obtaining your certifications, flyExclusive’s diverse floating fleet, comprised of over 85+ Light, Mid, Super-Mid, and Large Cabin aircraft, gives pilots the opportunity to gather further private jet careers experience in many different situations. Additionally, your time with flyExclusive has a daily per-diem and comes with other performance programs. With overtime pay, substantial bonuses, pilot referral programs, and more, we have cemented ourselves as an elite opportunity for any pilot or pilot-to-be. With salaries ranging from $170,000 to $220,000 and more, flyExclusive is the clear number one choice for your next private airline jobs position. Pilots can also work on a 15/13 schedule or an 8/6 schedule. This, coupled with the ability to live anywhere within an hour of any airport in the lower 48, means that flying with flyExclusive gives you the freedom to truly enjoy your time at home!

When starting at flyExclusive, if you begin as a first officer, you have the opportunity for both seniority and performance-based upgrades anywhere from 6-18 months after starting your role. You also have access to CAE Simuflite Training as well as FlightSafety International Training.

These work benefits are partnered with non-work benefits, such as a discounted gym membership and a wellness initiative, to ensure that all flyExclusive pilots are happy, healthy, and have a good work-life balance.

Private Airline Jobs | flyExclusive

If you are looking to break into the private aviation industry through private jet careers, now is the time to do so. With an increase in the need for pilots, flyExclusive has worked tirelessly to cement ourselves as your top private aviation job option. With competitive pay, training opportunity, and benefits that are second to none, look no further than flyExclusive to launch your piloting career. To discover your next steps towards becoming a flyExclusive pilot, visit our website today! Additionally, you can browse all current open-air crew opportunities and apply online now!

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