flyExclusive's Latest Refurbish & Repaint Project: the Gulfstream GIV-SP

To provide a premium travel experience for our Jet Club Members and charter guests, a full renovation of the exterior of the Gulfstream GIV-SP was mandatory.

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With the opening of our MRO refurbish and Paint Facility, members of our crew have been hard at work perfecting the conditions of our fleet. One project in particular that has just been completed was the complete refurbishing and repainting of one of our Gulfstream GIV-SP private jets. Take a look as we unveil the luxurious detail and master craftsmanship of the new and improved look of one of our premier private jets.

The Before - Interior

The interior of our Gulfstream GIV-SP featured dated carpet printed in a muted tropical paradise theme. While this may bring you hints of what's to come on your journey, this does not meet the standard that flyExclusive strives for. Another dated feature of the jet was the warm-toned hardwood cabinetry and storage space. The main cabin of the aircraft was punctuated by all-black leather seating, worn from years of use in flight. The interior wasn't the only portion of this aircraft that required a facelift, however. To provide a premium travel experience for our Jet Club Members and charter guests, a full renovation of the exterior of the Gulfstream GIV-SP was mandatory.

The Before - Exterior

Regular wear and tear was showing on the body of the cabin and the shine of the protective coating on the wings began to dull. Being one of the largest aircraft our facility has worked on to date, the GIV-SP refurbishment project will require collaboration, strategy, and attention to detail. In efforts to ensure the first look at the Gulfstream GIV-SP exterior is as awe-striking as the interior, the MRO Paint team at flyExclusive began stripping the numerous coats of sealant and paint off of the body to begin the refurbishing process.

The After - Interior

We are so proud of our team for transforming the look of this Gulfstream GIV-SP. Upon entering, passengers are greeted by dark, wooden cabinetry and opulent, navy carpeting. Upon turning to enter the main cabin of the GIV, a modern yet welcoming neutral interior awaits you. Featuring plush white couches, stitched by hand with top-quality leather, light headliners, and sturdy, spacious tables that are perfect for impromptu meetings, this space is just the look that will take our passenger's experience above industry standard. With this airy and comfortable interior, our passengers can enjoy their flight in an environment that reaches peak comfort, luxury, and productivity levels.

The galley features the same dark cabinetry that appears at the entrance of the jet, with ample storage and room to keep all of your necessities in one discreet place. The lavatory is also updated with the same dark wood that is throughout the cabin of the jet.

With ample room for up to thirteen passengers, the Gulfstream GIV-SP embodies every attribute passengers could wish for in a lengthy flight. Each flight is serviced by our professional crew of two pilots with over 8,000 hours of combined experience and a personal flight attendant to accommodate your every in-flight need. The cabin includes 180° panoramic windows and six adjustable seat-to-bed areas. Whether you are traveling across the country, transcontinental, or have a large party flying together, this refurbished Gulfstream GIV-SP is your premium option in world-class travel.

The After - Exterior

After multiple coats of anti-corrosion primer, electrostatic paint, detailing done by hand, and numerous sanding periods, the exterior was given a fresh look, and we can't get enough of the fine work that our MRO team accomplished! To highlight the speed of the Gulfstream GIV-SP, it was only appropriate to incorporate the sleekness of the jet into the signature Cessna stripes! Our MRO facility also decided to choose white as the main color on this jet, so they went away with the gray head for the all-white look to match the brightness of the interior.

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This project took over 600 hours to be completed, and the daily encouragement, suggestions, and cooperation from our MRO team inspires us to grow together! With the opening of our MRO facility, we plan to continue to grow into the new year, in terms of fleet size and crew size. We look forward to watching our MRO facility grow with the latest pioneers in our aviation industry, and we hope that you'll be there to follow along as we continue to progress. To learn more about flyExclusive or to schedule your next private jet flights, visit our website.

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