flyExclusive's Platinum Private Jet Safety Rating

flyExclusive is the traveler’s top choice for on-demand Fractional Aircraft Ownership and private jet safety.

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While flyExclusive is well-known as the second largest owner-operator of Cessna Citation aircraft in the world, we aim to also be recognized for exceeding industry standards of private jet safety across the board as part of our culture of care. As one of the few Fractional Aircraft Ownership programs and part 135 operators with both the ARG/US Platinum Rating and Wyvern Wingman Certification, we strive for unmatched private jet safety with leading third-party audit sources. Read on to learn more about the uncompromisable safety features evident within our Jet Fractional Ownership program.

ARG/US Platinum Rating for Safety Operations

flyExclusive proudly exceeds all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards, operating an ARG/US Platinum Rated fleet included within our Fractional Aircraft Ownership. This widely recognized third-party audit group is known as the industry standard for safety and operational excellence. To meet the rigorous qualifications for the Platinum rating, our aircraft and crew must pass a thorough examination of our maintenance, training, and safety programs. Additionally, our flight operations must comply with all FAA regulations and adhere to the highest standards in the industry. To receive the Platinum private jet safety rating, ARG/US requires intensive audits of the crew and aircraft.

ARG/US Platinum Private Jet Safety Rating Requirements

  • Possession of an operating certificate for at least one year
  • At least one turbine aircraft registered with the certificate
  • Passing an in-depth historical safety analysis
  • Extensive pilot background checks and aircraft operational control validations
  • The completion of an ARG/US on-site audit with no safety or flight findings
  • The completion of an ARG/US on-site audit with zero findings

We take great pride in our commitment to safety, and we are proud to offer our Owners the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are flying with one of the safest private jet operators in the industry.

Wyvern Wingman Operator

Recognized by industry stakeholders as the premier standard for private jet safety and quality, the Wyvern Wingman Standard bases its audit on many industry guidelines, including:

  • International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards for industry best practices
  • Safety Management International Collaboration Group’s (SMICG) standards for SMS and commercial air transport standards

With this qualification, flyExclusive’s crew of seasoned pilots makes more informed decisions based on data from the industry's most accurate aviation safety regulations and guidelines.

Wyvern Wingman Private Jet Safety Requirements

  • Minimum piloting hours
  • An on-site, two-day safety advisor visit in addition to the initial audit
  • Regular audits every 24 months
  • Regular updates regarding operational changes

In addition to passing strict criteria guidelines, earning the Wyvern Wingman Certification requires quarterly audit follow-ups where safety management systems (SMS), flight operations, pilot history, and aircraft maintenance undergo evaluation. As a Wyvern Wingman Certified Operator, flyExclusive meticulously practices private jet safety onboard each flight.

Setting the Standard for Private Jet Safety

flyExclusive is among the mere five percent of operators holding both ARG/US Platinum and Wyvern Wingman third-party audit certifications. All aircraft operations are governed under robust safety culture and premium SMS. Owners within the Jet Fractional Ownership rest assured, knowing they are onboard the safest and most reliable private jets in the sky. Our dedicated maintenance services inspect and regulate each part of each aircraft, from the premium-quality interior detailing to the flyExclusive’s signature exterior featuring the industry’s finest aircraft paint.

With flyExclusive’s Fractional Aircraft Ownership, Owners choose between 50, 75, or 100-hour CJ3+ Fractional offerings. Each Citation CJ3+ comes equipped with GARMIN G3000 Avionics technology. The suite features ultimate private jet safety operations, including:

  • Performance monitoring systems
  • Dual-channel autopilot features
  • Precise navigation tools to track flight paths from takeoff to destination arrival

Private Jet Safety at its Finest | flyExclusive Fractional Aircraft Ownership

Ideal for private travelers that fly more than 50 hours annually, flyExclusive’s Jet Fractional Ownership offers unmatched benefits, unwavering reliability, class-leading luxury, and second-to-none safety certification ratings. From flexible payment options and zero blackout dates to unlimited access to our complete fleet with preferred Fractional pricing, flyExclusive is the traveler’s choice for on-demand private flights and private jet safety. Visit our website to discover the best share plan for you within our Fractional Aircraft Ownership today.

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