flyExclusive's Response to an Increase in Flight Demand

While the increase in travel has been an issue for private jet charter companies, flyExclusive is and has had the capacity to combat that with our 24/7 guaranteed access through our Jet Club.

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As COVID-19 restrictions disappear a new trend has appeared for first-class commercial flyers - private jet flights. The demand for private jet travel has increased tremendously since the pandemic lockdowns and the motivations for people to switch from first-class commercial flights are not surprising. Walking out to your plane is easier, safer and less stressful than dealing with airport lines. This growth has even continued into the September and October months, which historically been slow months throughout the privation industry. This "new normal" has created some issues for private jet companies that are not yet ready to adapt to the ever-changing climate. However, flyExclusive remains on top of the trends and surge in travel, as we expand our capabilities, accommodations, and opportunities for private jet travelers and Jet Club Members.

Travel Increase

This increase in flights has also increased the demand for a private jet card membership. Prior to COVID approximately 100,000 of the available 1,500,000 potential flyers chose to fly private. Since then it has been projected that 10,000 to 15,000 new requests have been submitted for private jet travel due to travel restriction removals. With our innovative Jet Club, Members are putting down payments for 2022 emphasizing that this trend isn't one that will be ending soon.

Issues with the Increase

While the increase in travel seems like it would be beneficial to jet club providers, some bottleneck issues have become glaringly obvious. These issues stem from internal issues and external factors out of the industry's control. Internally, private jet club companies have seen a staffing issue. The increase in flights requires trained staff such as pilots, stewards, and booking agents to become increasingly more in demand.

Externally, the upkeep and need for safe reliable jets, equipment, and pieces have caused bottlenecks in the availability of flights. Jet manufactures are seeing record number sales after years of declining sales. Part manufacturers previously able to connect private jet club companies with parts in a matter of hours now have extended lead times of almost two weeks.


The increase in travel has caused bottleneck issues within the private jet industry. These issues have now slowly seeped back into the private jet club client. Though restrictions are diminishing, certain countries have continued to implement travel regulations that have led to delays in potential flights. The bottlenecks associated with actual jet-related equipment have also forced most private jet companies to increase lead time on when a client can book a flight. This has caused issues for those who use their private jet club membership to fly to locations for business reasons. Furthermore, those who don't currently have memberships have seen a trend in a denial to become a member due to the lack of serviceability.

Guaranteed Aircraft Availability

While the increase in travel has been an issue for private jet charter companies, flyExclusive is and has had the capacity to combat that. Though the travel surge has caused competitors to decrease its memberships, flyExclusive has readily available Jet Club Memberships and charter flights available to get you to your destination. Our team has access to 75+ Light, Mid, and Super-Mid aircraft ready to get you wheels up.

Our Revamped Jet Club Membership

In response to the travel surge, we have revamped our Jet Club Membership to bring top-level service to our Members. Our expansive fleet allows you to fly on your terms. Access. Choice. Control. Jet Club Members enjoy the perks of skipping the extreme masses and the luxury of privacy throughout their experience. From trip planning to choice and accommodations flyExclusive's private Jet Club membership allows you to have the peace of mind that no detail will be overlooked. Contact flyExclusive today to inquire about our private Jet Club membership and see where tomorrow takes you.

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