Flying Private Provides Safety and Consistency in Uncertain Times

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There is no doubt about it, the past 18 months have been tumultuous at the least. From the beginning, the pandemic led to global travel coming to a screeching halt, adoption of new and foreign phrases like “social distancing,” and an almost universal mask mandate. While now mainly on the mend, the airline industry was devastated by regulations and public health orders that crippled any form of travel. Yet, in these uncertain times, private flights proved to be a reliable and ready way for on the go to get back in the air quickly with unmatched levels of cleanliness and consistency in an inconsistent world. The Early Days of the Global Pandemic

COVID-19 has been privy to more data capture and dissemination than any other event throughout human history. We can essentially grasp the cause and effect of this disease reasonably well now, but 16 months ago was a world marked with complete uncertainty. As we watched borders close down in real-time, the demand for commercial air travel shut down just as quickly. Airlines took measures that were historically unprecedented by parking almost their entire fleet of jets. However, general aviation boomed with private flights, jet partnering, and private jet membership clubs

Where Do We Stand Now?

Moving into the second half of the year, we are again looking at an unpredictable world marked by closed borders. While vaccination rates are on the rise, there still seem to be as many questions as there are answers. The airline industry does not appear to be poised for a total collapse again; in fact, they have been firmly on the mend this year, although not all commercial airlines are overly optimistic about things. Because of the constantly expanding and ever-changing issues of safety protocol, hiring freezes, and just overall burnout, the commercial airlines are struggling, and private jet travel proves a viable solution.

Private Jet Travel is Safe and Reliable

Opting to fly aboard a high-performance aircraft for cross country trips or shorter legs eliminates the stress and hassle that comes with traveling commercially. You can avoid the hundreds of touchpoints passengers face in overcrowded airports and maxed-out flights. With private jet flights, you'll have the ability to board your jet just minutes after leaving your personal vehicle.

Flying private with flyExclusive means that your flight is customized for you and your private flight experience. To prevent viral spread and ensure passengers board a pristine, mission-ready aircraft, surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before and after each flight. On-board flight crew constantly sport HSA & FSA approved face coverings as well as hand coverage. All while regular testing and strict exposure isolation guidelines are enforced. Embark on your travels experiencing the highest safety ratings in the industry by flying private with flyExclusive. 

Fly Safely With flyExclusive Private Flights

In the age of COVID-restricted travel, there are many uncertainties. Airports were curtailing flights and shutting down travel, states and countries utilized restrictions on borders, and overall unpredictability on where humanity was heading next. However, the roughly 5,500 public general aviation airports seldom pose any restrictions beyond state and local masking requirements. Private flights afford you the latitude to operate out of thousands of airports rather than hundreds, avoiding the hustle, bustle, and most importantly, large crowds. You have complete oversight of your entire journey from point A to point B, making travel enjoyable again. Eliminate the uncertainties in your excursion and rely on flyExclusive to get you to your destination safely today.

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