Fractional Aircraft Ownership 101

flyExclusive’s world-class Fractional Ownership program works for the Owner, providing ultimate perks and ease of travel for flyers needing to hit the skies a few times a month or less.

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The private aviation industry has witnessed a vast expansion in options for frequent private flyers. With the increase in demand for private jet ownership at an all-time high, the industry has met customers with aircraft ownership options that save Owners time and money without sacrificing quality, comfort, access, and control. flyExclusive’s world-class Fractional Ownership program works for the Owner, providing ultimate perks and ease of travel for flyers needing to hit the skies a few times a month or less. Read on for the ultimate guide to flyExclusive’s Fractional Aircraft Ownership.

What is Fractional Aircraft Ownership?

Fractional Aircraft Ownership through flyExclusive allows Owners to purchase shares of a private jet shared among two or more Owners. Most commonly, fractional aircraft ownerships work under a multiple of 1/16 model. In this model, multiple people share the expense and manage the use of the aircraft. Unlike traditional jet ownership programs, flyExclusive’s Cessna Citation CJ3+ Fractional Jet Ownership grants Owners additional control that sets our Fractional program apart from the rest.

flyExclusive Fractional Aircraft Ownership Components

Daily and hourly fees. Owners save with flyExclusive’s Fractional Ownership.

No management fees. Unlike traditional Fractional programs, Owners pay for the aircraft when they need access. With flyExclusive, your capital works for you.

Share Plans. Our Fractional Aircraft Ownership allows Owners to purchase a set number of flight hours that can be used among flyExclusive’s complete fleet of Cessna aircraft. Choose from 50, 75, and 100-hour shares.

How does fractional ownership benefit owners?

With the Fractional Aircraft Ownership model, Owners enjoy full ownership perks without the maintenance, cost, and liability that accompany many full ownership options. flyExclusive’s Fractional Ownership is a cost-effective option for frequent flyers seeking ultimate control. Owners select the hourly plan that best suits them. flyExclusive offers 50, 75, and 100-hour shares of the Citation CJ3+, the leading Light private aircraft with the most advanced safety features on the market today. Additionally, Owners experience perks exclusive to our Fractional Ownership that traditional Fractional models do not offer.

flyExclusive Fractional Aircraft Ownership Benefits

Payment flexibility. flyExclusive offers a simple monthly and daily fee, so Owners only pay when they fly. There are no hidden monthly management fees and no repositioning fees with your Fractional Share. The more Owners fly, the more they save.

Ease of use. flyExclusive manages travel plans, so Owners don’t have to. Our experienced crew of FAA-certified pilots takes ultimate care of all passengers and crew on board, leaving Owners peace of mind. flyExclusive is one of the few operators with both the ARGUS Platinum and WYVERN Wingman third-party audit certifications. Each Citation CJ3+ is equipped with robust safety packages and Safety Management System governing operations.

Additional ownership access. Unique to flyExclusive’s Fractional Aircraft Ownership program, Owners receive guaranteed access to our entire fleet, along with preferred Fractional pricing. No matter the occasion, our fleet of Light, Midsize, and Super-Midsize aircraft can take you to your destination.

No compromises in quality. flyExclusive places safety and service as our core priorities. From our dedicated Services Team to our in-house MRO facilities, we ensure that ultimate safety measures provide sound peace of mind for every flight.

Is Fractional Aircraft Ownership right for me?

With numerous share options available to Owners, flyExclusive allows for unparalleled levels of control, access, and choice. For private travelers who typically travel more than 40 hours each year, our Fractional Aircraft Ownership is the leading program for those seeking a revolutionized private flight experience. Additionally, flyExclusive caters to flyers with our Jet Club Membership and private jet charter services.

Truly Fly Like an Owner with flyExclusive’s Fractional Aircraft Ownership

For those seeking elevated levels of control, safety, consistency, and luxury, flyExclusive’s Fractional Aircraft Ownership program works to exceed industry standards with each flight. With Fractional Ownership, Owners save without risking compromise. Visit our website to discover the possibilities available to you with Fractional Aircraft Ownership today.

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