Give Your Mother the Ultimate Gift This Mother’s Day

This mother’s day, give your mother the ultimate gift. By gifting your mother a private Flight Club Membership, you can start to return the favor.

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There are very few, if any, people in your life that impact you the way your mother does. From the time you’re born your mother dedicates countless hours of her time to help you enjoy and  experience your life to the fullest. From driving to and from practices and events, enabling you to visit friends, and sitting by your side hour after hour, mothers give selflessly and never ask for anything in return. This mother’s day, give your mother the ultimate gift. By gifting your mother a private Flight Club Membership, you can start to return the favor.


Time is the most valuable asset any of us possess. With the flexibility and customization offered by flyExclusive’s private Jet Club, your mother can save precious time. Commercial airlines result in security delays, flight cancellations, unnecessary layovers, and numerous other inefficiencies that add unneeded stress. With flyExclusive, your mother will be able to schedule flights to anywhere, at whatever time, on any day. She’ll no longer have to struggle to find the right flight offer out of crowded airports. This time saved on the front end means that your mother will be gifted with more time to spend with those she loves, doing what she loves.


With flyExclusive’s private Flight Club Membership, your mom will get access to our entire Citation fleet, which is the second-largest in the world. From light jets like the Cessna Citation CJ3 to super-mid jets like the Citation X, she’ll be able to customize her travel to fit her needs. Whether it’s a quick getaway to visit a friend or a family vacation at her favorite beach, flyExclusive will get her there in utmost comfort. However, the type of aircraft on which she travels isn’t where the customization options end. When your mother schedules private flights with flyExclusive, she’ll be able to choose her favorite catering options, her ground travel, and so much more. Every aspect of your mom’s trip will be tailored to her wants and needs, ensuring the most enjoyable travel experience from the time she schedules the flight.


When your mom flies with flyExclusive, her safety is our top priority. For this reason, we have achieved both ARG/US Platinum and Wyvern Wingman certifications. This honor, achieved by only 5% of operators, is the highest safety rating in the entire industry. This dedication has resulted in flyExclusive becoming the top safety-rated jet charter. When your mother boards any one of the planes in our Citation fleet, you can rest assured that she’ll reach her destination safely.


When you choose to have your mother fly with flyExclusive, you’ll only be paying for what she needs. flyExclusive’s private Flight Club allows you to select your level of service before offering access to all 80+ aircraft in our repertoire. With a simple monthly membership cost of only $1,000, all other charges will be at significantly lower hourly rates. This means that the more mom flies, the more she saves.

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This mother’s day, show your mom how much she truly means to you. Year after year, day after day, our mothers support us and dedicate enormous amounts of time to our happiness. Begin returning her generosity today with a flyExclusive Jet Club Membership. With unlimited access, freedom of choice, and control over every aspect, your mom will be able to experience flight like never before. Allow your mother to fly like an owner by visiting the flyExclusive website today.