How Business Leaders Maximize Productivity Through Flying Private

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The greatest productivity block for executives is the transit between locales. Whether these are government executives or private sector C-suite leaders, time in transit obstructs productivity margins. Time savings is why the Department of Defense maintains an entire fleet of private jets, along with just about every Fortune 50 company. If your company has yet to embrace private jet flying, here is why business leaders are maximizing their productivity through choosing to fly private with flyExclusive

Flying in the Age of COVID

COVID-19 turned the world upside down, borders closed down over the globe, sometimes with little to no notice. We saw unusual sights at the height of the virus and subsequent lockdowns in the Spring of 2020. Thousands of airliners were parked during that time, which gave a firm handhold on the market for private flight clubs for consistent travelers, charter jets for traveling periodically, and overall private jet flights for those who prefer privacy and efficiency. 

In the months following the initial wave of lockdowns, the private jet industry soared, with approximately 1.4 million new customers in 2020. This is due in no small part to the numerous cancellations in the highly turbulent world of commercial air travel; for a time, there was no security at all that your destination would be reached, let alone promptly. Commercial flights would depart but leave passengers stranded at connections when the destination was abruptly shut down. Many began to realize that flying private was a reliable resource for transportation that would ensure business continuity. 

Flying Smaller Jets Yields Big Results

Private jets emerged as the cure to this uncertainty. By design, private jets have a performance envelope that allows them to travel in and out of much smaller airports that had far fewer restrictions. Whether due to a pandemic or not, small general aviation airports are a much more efficient mode of transit for executives. The availability and proximity of small airports tend to allow the executive to touch down closer to the actual destination than a large, commercial airport. 

Time is money in any line of business. Time spent waiting on the baggage carousel, hunting down lost bags, walking through acres of terminal buildings, are all hours aimlessly wasted. Commercial airports are made to move the masses; brevity is not always a design feature. 

Private Jets Open Up The World

The beauty of a private jet is its ability to land and operate almost anywhere a general aviation aircraft can. With our private Jet Club Membership you gain full access to the flyExclusive fleet. Ownership of the aircraft allows flyExclusive to provide a predictable and high-quality flight experience. From comfortable seating and spacious cabins, to a multitude of capabilities, our Cessna Citation fleet will have you flying anywhere you want to go. 

  • A Cessna Citation CJ3 can carry up to nine passengers for a maximum range of over 2,000 miles, yet only requires 3,180’ for takeoff. So even at maximum gross weight, the CJ3 will get you coast-to-coast without a fuel stop. 
  • The Cessna Citation X can carry eight passengers over 3,000 miles and with a service ceiling of 51,000’, getting you well above the weather into clear air and only requires a little over 5,000’ to takeoff. 

Maximize Productivity With Jet Club | flyExclusive

Say goodbye to TSA waits, crowded terminals, and terrible parking. Flying private through flyExclusive opens up the world to business executives, even in an age of constantly changing requirements and protocols. Private jets will get you to and from your destination faster and easier all while relaxing in a luxury, state-of-the-art, aircraft. Contact flyExclusive today, we will be glad to work with you.

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