How Does Fractional Aircraft Ownership Work?

If you're looking for a convenient, cost-effect way to fly privately without having to worry about headache-inducing logistics, fractional jet ownership at flyExclusive is for you.

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Looking to take the next step in the private jet travel industry, but are left pondering how does fractional aircraft ownership work? Fractional jet ownership is ideal for travelers looking for luxury and convenience of owning a private jet but aren’t interested in managing the details that full jet ownership requires. By joining a fractional jet ownership program, Owners receive the countless benefits of flying private without reaping the full expenses of purchasing an entire private aircraft, which can cost over a million dollars a year. If you’re interested in jet ownership opportunities, learn more about how Fractional Aircraft Ownership through flyExclusive works, its benefits, the costs associated with it, and information about when it’s right for you below.

What Is Fractional Jet Ownership?

As the name implies, flyExclusive Fractional Jet Ownership gives you access to private jets-like our brand new Citation CJ3+-at a fraction of the cost. With this type of ownership, a group of people shares the expense, and use of the airplane. It's a popular option for those who want to fly privately often, but don't care to deal with the additional responsibility and expense of owning their own plane.

How Does Fractional Jet Ownership Work?

Under our Fractional Jet Ownership program, each owner possesses a share of the aircraft and has exclusive use of the plane for a set number of hours each year. With flyExclusive, Owners choose between 40, 80, and 160+ hour packages, with access to the full fleet of Cessna Citation aircraft. Our selection of Light, Mid, Super-Mid, and Large Cabin aircraft is one of the largest citation fleet, delivering consistency, versatility, and additional access when needed. No matter where you’re headed or how many are in your party, we have a jet for you.

At flyExclusive, Owners are never tagged with extortionate monthly fees or blackout dates. Instead, hourly or daily rates are followed; ensuring Owners only pay for what's needed when it's needed.

Is Fractional Jet Ownership Right for Me?

Deciding if fractional jet ownership is right for you comes down to how much you typically travel private or plan to use the jet each year. While shares are offered in 40, 80, and 160+ hour packages, if you don’t plan to hit the 40 hour mark, flyExclusive’s private Jet Club Membership, or private jet charter services may be a better solution to your travel needs.

If you expect to travel 40 or more hours a year, flyExclusive Fractional Ownership offers owners flexibility, potential tax benefits, personal investment opportunities, greater privacy, and a reduction in overall costs.

flyExclusive | Fractional Jet Ownership

For those looking for consistency, luxury, and reliability when traveling more than 40 hours a year, flyExclusive Fractional Jet Ownership unlocks a world of possibilities with a share in a brand-new Cessna Citation CJ3+. Stop wondering how does fractional jet ownership work, and learn more about our packages by setting up a meeting with the team or visiting our Fractional jet ownership website today. We can’t wait to share the skies with you!

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