How Does Our ARG/US Platinum Rated Fleet Make My Carrier Safer?

flyExclusive can provide you with a top safety rated jet charter flight curated to ensure the optimal experience for you and your family.

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When it comes to flying, safety is always a top priority. In the aviation industry, regulators monitor fleets in order to ensure the safety of not only the guests but the staff as well. However, some private plane clubs hold themselves above the required standards. These top safety rated jet charter companies, which show excellence in safety and maintenance are awarded the ARGUS Platinum Rating. This rating exemplifies the highest standards in the industry not only in the United States but internationally.

ARGUS Platinum Standards

For a private plane club to qualify for ARGUS Platinum it must offer the following safety measures.

  • In-depth pilot background check
  • Certificate of operation that is held for a minimum of one year
  • A minimum of one turbine aircraft on with a certificate
  • In-depth historical safety analysis
  • Aircraft operational control validation
  • Emergency response plan
  • ARGUS on-site audit with no or corrected findings
  • Operational safety management system

These requirements are only a part of the multipoint audit completed by an unbiased 3rd party agency to ensure safety standards are being met. Only a select few agencies around the world are awarded this certification for safety standards. If you are looking for a chartered flight, use the CHEQ operator registry to ensure your private plane club of choice exhibits the above industry-standard safety measures.

Commitment to Safety

If a private plane club has qualified for the Platinum Rating through ARGUS, the company is showing a commitment to safety that goes well beyond standard practice. This commitment requires daily if not hourly routine checkups and maintenance of aircraft as well as staff training to maintain a top safety rated jet charter. Private jet fleets that have this rating work to ensure the safety of passengers well before they have booked their flights.

How It Helps You

AR/GUS safety ratings help those looking for a top safety rated jet charter find their ideal flight. Though there are three levels of safety ratings (Gold, Gold Plus, and Platinum), a platinum rating guarantees your choice in aircraft will be held to the highest standards. When booking through your local private plane club, you are able to ensure that your choice will get you and your loved ones to your destination safely. Ensuring your choice in travel has the platinum rating means no matter what size jet you need, it will be prepped safely for your booking.

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