How Far Can Private Jets Travel?

How far can your luxury private jet travel? flyExclusive, with our fleet of 90+ aircraft and renowned private Jet Club Membership has answers for you.

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Modern private jets can travel anywhere from 2,000 to over 10,000 nautical miles, offering the convenience of seamless cross-country or overseas air travel. With a private Jet Club Membership through flyExclusive, Members can avoid the stress and commotion of commercial airports and reach their destinations aboard our industry-leading Cessna Citation fleet. Before chartering one of our private jets, Members should consider several factors—aircraft size, fuel capacity, weather conditions, intended route, cabin space, etc.—to ensure they select the appropriate aircraft for their travel needs.

Light Jets

Our light jets are the smallest private jets we offer. They are designed for short-haul flights, making them ideal for traveling to multiple cities in one day or for working professionals needing a quick out-and-back charter. Members will have access to flyExclusive’s premium light jet fleet, including the Citation Encore, Citation CJ3, and Citation CJ3+.

Citation Encore

The Citation Encore is one of the most popular light jets in flyExclusive's fleet. It has a range of around three and a half hours, and can comfortably seat up to eight passengers. The spacious cabin features the latest in-flight entertainment systems, making it ideal for business and leisure travelers alike.

Citation CJ3

One of the key highlights of the Citation CJ3 is its impressive range and speed capabilities. With a short-field performance and a max operating ceiling of 45,000 feet, the CJ3 can efficiently connect various domestic and international destinations. This makes it a preferred choice among our Members for time-sensitive travel.

Citation CJ3+

The Cessna Citation CJ3+ is an enhanced version of the popular CJ3, offering a range of around three hours of flight time. This translates to around 2,040 nautical miles, enabling Members to connect to a wide range of destinations efficiently. The customizable cabin can seat up to six passengers and includes state-of-the-art technology and luxurious, high-spec executive seating.

Midsize Jets

If Members need an upgrade, our midsize jets offer larger cabin spaces, higher weight capacities, and longer travel ranges. Our private Jet Club Memberships include access to our staple midsize jet option, the Citation Excel/XLS.

Citation Excel/XLS

The Citation Excel/XLS features a generous cabin suitable for up to eight passengers, ample storage space, and an average flight time of three and a half hours. The unparalleled in-flight conference room and intuitive cabin amenities are perfect for conducting business meetings en route or enjoying a world-class leisure trip to beautiful mountain or tropical island resorts.

Super-Midsize Jets

Super-midsize aircraft perfectly balance optimal cabin space, performance, and range. flyExclusive’s private Jet Club Membership offers access to our industry-leading Cessna Citation super-midsize private jets, catering to the diverse travel needs of our Members.

Citation X

As one of the fastest private jets in the world, the revolutionary Citation X delivers an unparalleled air travel experience for up to nine passengers. With a range of approximately 3,460 nautical miles (or around six hours), the Citation X can effortlessly connect distant destinations, making it an excellent choice for coast-to-coast charters.

Citation Sovereign

The key highlight of the Citation Sovereign is its expansive cabin space, capable of seating up to nine passengers in differing seating configurations. With a travel range of up to five hours, passengers can enjoy long routes with customizable interior amenities, plush ergonomic seats, and premium entertainment systems. The cabin also features ample storage space for baggage and personal belongings.

Consider A Private Jet Club Membership with flyExclusive

Frequent flyers can streamline travel plans with a private Jet Club Membership through flyExclusive. Our Members have personalized access to our Cessna Citation fleet and expert guidance on aircraft capabilities and travel options. From our premium light jets to our super-midsize jets, flyExclusive has the appropriate aircraft for all domestic and inter-coastal itineraries, so Members will always arrive confidently at their destinations. To learn more about our private Jet Club accommodations and other benefits, visit our Jet Club Membership page.

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