How Many Hours of Flying are Included in a Fractional Jet Ownership Program?

For the frequent traveler who values time and luxury, fractional plane ownership is the perfect option for you.

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For the frequent traveler who values time and luxury, fractional plane ownership is the perfect option for you. Fractional jet ownership is a program that allows Owners to purchase a set number of flight hours, providing them with access to a private jet fleet to use those hours whenever they travel. However, prior to choosing a fractional ownership option, it is critical to weigh the number of hours an Owner will need to ensure they choose the best option for them.

Flight Hour Options

The number of hours included in Fractional Plane Ownership programs varies based on the needs of the Owner. At flyExclusive, Owners have the option to choose between 50, 75, and 100 hours. These hours allow Owners to travel that specific number of hours on any aircraft of their choice including the all-new Citation CJ3+. However, it is essential to note that the number of hours included in a fractional jet ownership program is not the only factor to consider. While minimal blackout dates or minimal peak days can limit an Owner's access to the fleet, t is crucial to thoroughly review the expected travel dates and needs prior to making a final decision.

Benefits of Fractional

Regardless of the chosen number of hours, private jet ownership from flyExclusive provides Owners the option to choose any aircraft in an expansive fleet. This provides the Owners with the option to take a larger aircraft one trip while enjoying a smaller jet for their next trip. Furthermore, each hour option provides Owners with an easy-to-follow pricing structure without recurring monthly fees, daily minimums, or positioning fees.

Flight Hour Uses

Beginning with a 50-hour private jet ownership, an Owner's travel possibilities can be endless. However, as the number of hours increases, so do the travel abilities. For example, a round trip from New York City to Los Angeles takes approximately 10 hours of flight time. At the 50-hour option, an Owner would have the ability to take five round trips or 10 direct flights between each destination. At the increased 75 or 100-hour option, Owners would be able to fly even further without incurring further charges associated with other flight options.

Private Jet Ownership From flyExclusive

At flyExclusive, our Fractional Jet Ownership programs provide a set number of annual flight hours for Owners to use on any aircraft in the fleet, with options ranging from 50 to 100 hours. Our world-renown options allow Owners to choose any aircraft including the Citation CJ3+, providing flexibility for their travel needs. Even at our 50-hour option, Owners are provided with the highest level of luxury and the power to choose their destination without hidden fees. To learn more about our Fractional Ownership options visit our Fractional Ownership page today.

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