How Much Does Fractional Ownership Cost?

Fractional Jet Ownership costs significantly less than full traditional ownership. Visit our blog to discover how flyExclusive optimizes your capital for you.

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Fractional Ownership costs less than full traditional ownership, allowing business travelers to enjoy additional access and ultimate control over their own private jet. The love for flying has held significance in the American way of life since its inception with the Wright Brothers. Since then, flying has become a modern mode of transport that is increasingly becoming the norm. With commercial airlines packing flights with passengers, private travel has taken the spotlight with its simplicity, customization, and dependability, making the match of chartering flights the new challenge. With the introduction of flyExclusive's Fractional Jet Ownership, flight access has never been easier. This modern-day model allows those looking to own a private jet to achieve their goals with a less offensive barrier to entry.

How Fractional Jet Ownership Works

Fractional jet ownership programs involve purchasing a share of a private jet. With this timeshare, Owners are subscribed to a determined allotment of occupied hours to use their fractional aircraft each year, in addition to enhanced access to the rest of the fleet. flyExclusive offers Fractional, providing unparalleled levels of access to private travelers seeking more opportunity than the typical fractional jet ownership programs available today. Owners choose between the 50, 75, and 100-hour Fractional shares of a new Citation CJ3+. Beyond the reliable experience of flyExclusive’s commitment to customer service, Owners enjoy potential tax benefits, peace of mind, ease of use, no monthly management fees, and access to flyExclusive’s complete Citation fleet. flyExclusive’s unique pricing model allows Owners to pay for the aircraft when they need the access meaning more of their capital works in their favor. While there are no positioning fees and daily minimums, simple daily and hourly rates are included to provide additional control to the Owners. Fractional ownership saves Owners the typical pains of the upfront, recurring and maintenance, and final costs of full traditional ownership.

Upfront Jet Costs

In most cases, private jet ownership comes with steep upfront costs, whether that's the cost of purchasing the aircraft itself or any hidden costs that many overlook. On average, a new jet can cost between two and 500 million dollars; however, Fractional Jet Ownership significantly lowers those fees. Rather than paying for the price of the aircraft itself, Owners pay for their expected amount of hours reserving the jet.

Recurring Jet Costs

Private jet ownership, much like regular vehicle ownership, comes with various recurring costs. These costs include routine maintenance, property tax, and insurance. While these costs vary, the insurance alone can approximate $47,000 per year. These fees, combined with additional private jet ownership-specific costs, further add to the expenses required by the owner. Using Fractional Jet Ownership reduces overall out-of-pocket by providing Owners with those services as part of the ownership process. Furthermore, with Fractional Jet Ownership, any aircraft regulatory dues and costs are handled within the predestined package chosen.

Final Jet Costs

The last phase of private jet ownership costs comes at the end of the ownership cycle itself. This is reflected in any sell-off costs from upgrading the aircraft. As Owners only have access to their own jet, acquiring another aircraft would require either buying a secondary option or selling off their private jet to fund the purchase of the new aircraft. This process can lead to costs, including seller fees, taxes, and an overall potential loss on the initial investment; however, with Fractional Jet Ownership, Owners can pick and choose between various aircraft within the fleet to ensure they fly with the right option every time. This means having full access to a fleet of aircraft without worrying about costs incurred by selling and acquiring another jet.

What is the best Fractional Jet Ownership program?

In terms of fractional jet ownership, flyExclusive stands out as the premier private jet solutions company, offering the best program in the business aviation industry. With flyExclusive's Fractional Jet Ownership, Owners enjoy unparalleled benefits and convenience. The program allows individuals or businesses to have partial ownership of a Citation CJ3+, granting them access to a luxurious fleet of Citation aircraft without the burdens of full ownership. flyExclusive's Fractional provides ultimate flexibility, allowing Owners to choose from various private jet models and sizes based on their specific needs. Moreover, our Fractional Jet Ownership program includes comprehensive services such as maintenance, crew, scheduling, and insurance, ensuring a hassle-free experience for the Owners. With flyExclusive, Fractional Jet Ownership becomes a seamless and cost-effective solution for those seeking the ultimate luxury and convenience of private jet travel.

Fly Like an Owner With flyExclusive Fractional

For ultimate access, choice, and control, flyExclusive’s Fractional provides the leading private traveler solution. Gain access to various share options uniquely designed to suit traveler budgets and flexibility needs. Our impressive Citation fleet provides Owners with 90+ professionally maintained aircraft when they need them. The Fractional Jet Ownership model allows Owners peace of mind, removing the worries of the known and hidden costs of full traditional ownership. Discover what opportunity awaits you with a Fractional Jet Ownership with flyExclusive.

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