How Much Luggage Can I Take on a Private Jet?

Before take-off, there are a few things a passenger may need to know about what type and how much luggage they can bring along on their private flights through their private jet club membership with flyExclusive.

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Traveling by private jet is one of the premier ways to get from point A to point B. But before take-off, there are a few things a passenger may need to know about what type and how much luggage they can bring along on their private flights. Luggage-specific restrictions may be in place for a chosen flight that may delay or hinder a passenger from flying. Understanding the ins and outs of what type of luggage is allowed, how much luggage is allowed, and the weight of the intended luggage is crucial prior to booking and boarding your private flight.

What Kind of Luggage Can I Bring?

As a general rule of thumb, private jet membership passengers traveling by private jet should bring soft-sided carry-on bags and small suitcases that can easily fit under the seat in front of them. Hard-shell suitcases and large bags may not fit in the storage areas of the aircraft making them unrecommended for travel. It's also important to remember that many private jets don’t have closets, so for those planning on bringing along coats or any other bulky items, make sure they fit under a seat as well. Note, this is heavily based on the chosen aircraft for the flight as larger jets tend to allow for more storage options for Members. With flyExclusive, Members have the ability to adjust their needs to ensure their bags are never left behind.

How Much Luggage Can I Bring On My Private Flight?

Unlike commercial flights, passengers flying on private flights with flyExclusive typically aren't subject to weight restrictions or fees for extra baggage. However, while there may not be a weight limit per bag there is an overall weight restriction for each aircraft type. Most mid-size jets, such as the Citation XLS will allow up to six pieces per passenger using the 90.2 cubic feet of storage space it offers. To find out exactly how much luggage a chosen flight allows—and where it can be stored—it is recommended a Member works with their Member Services Team prior to flying so they can make sure there’s enough room for everything onboard.

Weight Restrictions

When it comes to weight limits, most private jet companies allow checked bags up to 50 pounds each and carry-ons up to 25 pounds each. However, these numbers may vary depending on the chosen aircraft. A larger aircraft from flyExclusive’s expansive fleet, such as the Citation CJ3+, can carry up to 1000 lbs of luggage for certain private flights. This reduces the need to impose additional fees if the Member’s bags exceed these weight limits.

Luggage Stipulations Aboard Private Jets | flyExclusive

Flying by private jet is an incredibly luxurious experience; however, it does come with some limitations when it comes to packing your bags. When deciding which pieces of luggage to bring along for your next flight, consider what type of aircraft you'll be flying on and how big it is inside before choosing which items will be coming with you. If you’re unsure of the specific luggage restrictions of your specific flight then flyExclusive has you covered. Our team of travel professionals has years of experience connecting you with the right aircraft for your needs. With a flyExclusive private jet membership, Members can rest assured their baggage needs will be met each time they fly. To learn more about flyExclusive’s Jet Club or the baggage capacity of the jets in our fleet, visit our website today.

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