How to Choose the Right Private Jet Provider

Have you ever debated flying private? For those who fly frequently, joining a Jet Club can help save time and money while enjoying extra benefits that flying commercial just can’t match.

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Have you ever debated flying private? For those who fly frequently, joining a Jet Club can help save time and money while enjoying extra benefits that flying commercial just can’t match. Private jet flights provide exclusive access to the world quickly, efficiently, and luxuriously. If you are looking for a Jet Club Membership that is right for you, take these three factors into consideration from flyExclusive, the industry’s leading provider of Jet Club Memberships.

Time Savings

The main benefit of private jet flights over first-class commercial flights is the time savings over those of average commercial flights. This process begins upon arrival at the airport. Using a Jet Club allows you to “skip the line” and get straight to your flight. On average, a Jet Club Member spends five to thirty minutes from arrival to boarding. This is compared to the average of two to three-hour waits for commercial flights. For those in time-sensitive businesses, a difference of hours can be a make-or-break factor in choosing a Jet Club. Lastly, as commercial flights often are delayed, especially in the winter season, those who are traveling for events or holidays may need to consider the cost versus reward of private jet flights.

Financial Savings

Flying private isn’t always more cost-effective than flying commercial. However, for agencies or companies who require multiple members of staff to travel on a regular basis, Jet Club can be the go-to choice. These cost savings can be seen when comparing the flight cost of multiple commercial flight seats compared to those of a single jet charter. As the larger cost of the jet would be then be split by the cost of the number of users of the private jet flights. Furthermore, indirect costs involved with travel including lodging and transportation must be considered when choosing a Jet Club Membership for you or your company. As commercial flights can often be delayed overnight, users will sometimes have to pay for extra lodging costs as they are away from home. The costs of taxi services such as Uber should be factored in when debating a Jet Club Membership over the commercial flight option.

Extra Benefits of Jet Club

Flying private offers benefits that flying commercial currently doesn’t. While some of the benefits are obvious, like privacy, extended legroom, and more luxurious flying conditions, other lesser-known benefits should be weighed when looking for a Jet Club. These benefits include personalized food menus, transportation to and from the airport, and flight confirmation services. When choosing between companies, take into consideration all the extra benefits the Jet Club offers for you and your family. Member’s of flyExclusive’s new Jet Club are offered amenities such as our state-of-the-art concierge app that allows you to confirm and edit bookings and the perks that come with it, at the push of a button.

Choosing the flyExclusive Jet Club

flyExclusive offers the perfect mix of time savings, cost savings, and extra luxuries for your choice in a Jet Club. Our commitment to providing exceptional service to provide you and your family with a safe, efficient, and consistent private flight experience. Our industry-leading fleet of Light, Mid, and Super-Mid jets are here whenever you need us. flyExclusive’s Jet Club offers a variety of benefits for all Members and their guests. For more information on our private jet flights, or the many benefits of our Jet Club visit our website.

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