Introducing: flyExclusive's Platinum Jet Club Membership

With Platinum Jet Club, Members experience an enhanced private Jet Club experience with a unique daily and hourly rate structure.

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flyExclusive, the leading provider of premier Private Jet Club experiences, introduces the all-new, exclusive Platinum Jet Club. As a new tier within the ever-growing, best-of-the-best Jet Club, the Platinum Jet Club unlocks additional access to the first 100 Members to join, enhancing the ultimate experience unique to flyExclusive’s Jet Club Membership. From 12-month fixed pricing and no monthly fees to no peak day premiums and second-to-none flight flexibility, our exclusive Platinum Jet Club changes the airspace for business jet travelers. Continue reading to learn about the benefits awaiting you onboard our fleet.

Locked Hourly Rates With Competitive Pricing

Platinum Jet Club enhances flyExclusive’s unique daily and hourly rate structure with our new fixed pricing for 12 months. The fixed pricing model is ideal for members seeking simple payment options with non-variable pricing and no fuel surcharges. Members simply choose the right level for them, with deposits starting at $250,000. In addition to competitive pricing, Members can select the size of Cessna Citation aircraft they need on a trip-by-trip basis from our 90+ fleet of esteemed aircraft.

Benefits to Jet Club Memberships with Fixed Pricing

  • Cost predictability
  • Price stability
  • Cost savings
  • Convenient flight access
  • Priority access

While competing private jet membership models may feature fixed pricing, the same memberships also commonly denote several blackout dates and charge peak day premiums. Peak days traditionally pair with higher rates and longer booking windows.

Private Jet Membership Without Monthly Fees

One of the most significant benefits of choosing flyExclusive's Jet Club program is enhanced flight flexibility. Members fly on their time, without worrying about minimum usage requirements or monthly fees. With this Private Jet Club, Members can also enjoy cost savings, making private jet travel more affordable and accessible. Booking a flight is more convenient, with quick and easy booking options available in flyExclusive’s proprietary member app.

flyExclusive's Platinum Jet Club is as simple as signing up, funding, and booking with the Member Services team. Members enjoy personalized service with a dedicated team of Member service professionals to assist with booking, planning, and other travel-related tasks. The program also offers unparalleled privacy and discretion that is difficult to achieve with commercial air travel. flyExclusive has strict safety standards and protocols as part of our Culture of Care, ensuring a safe and secure flight experience. Additionally, Members can save time by avoiding long lines, security checkpoints, and flight delays. flyExclusive's Platinum Jet Club Membership with zero monthly fees is an exceptional option for individuals and businesses seeking the benefits of private jet travel without breaking the bank.

No Peak Day Premiums

When considering private jet membership options, flight accessibility is often a significant deciding factor. Selecting the right private jet club with minimal to no blackout dates and peak day premiums allows for expanded access to booking capabilities. As a Platinum Member of our private Jet Club, expect to enjoy guaranteed access to our entire fleet of Cessna Citation aircraft every day of the year. Unlike typical private jet membership programs, with peak period surcharges as high as 40 percent, Platinum Jet Club Members never pay peak day premiums. flyExclusive commits to full transparency with no blackout dates and zero daily minimum fees.

Fly in Confidence With flyExclusive’s Platinum Jet Club

With Platinum Jet Club, Members experience additional savings the more they fly in a day. flyExclusive’s Private Jet Club options offer competitive daily and hourly-rate pricing, fixed pricing for Platinum Members, flight flexibility, and commitment to Membership service. Our dedication to solving the pain points of traditional private jet travel has unlocked new ways to serve our Members with leading-edge premier business travel solutions. Visit our website to reserve your spot within our limited-time offer for a pinnacle Private Jet Club experience with flyExclusive.

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