Is Flying Private Safer than Flying Commercial?

Discover how you can experience the highest standards of safety, convenience, and comfortability with our Private Jet Club Membership.

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Flying private with a Jet Club membership includes a number of benefits, such as customizable amenities, experiences, and flexible flight times. However, beyond these benefits are a number of safety measures that private jet flights at flyExclusive include in their Member’s experience that many commercial flights cannot accommodate due to budget costs, time limitations, and staffing shortages. flyExclusive, the leading provider in private Jet Club memberships, is here to provide you with the top reasons you should consider a private jet membership over commercial first class this season.

Less Exposure

One of the largest hazards that commercial flyers face today are the number of touch-points that passengers may encounter within just one flight. The increase in touch-points directly correlates to the risk of exposure of COVID-19. Facing crowded airport terminals and longer security lines may increase your risk of being exposed to COVID and other unwanted viruses that can keep you from enjoying your trip. Because commercial planes are constantly being used, that means more people will be in contact with the seats, lines, terminals and more. According to a New York Times article, surveys show that a "person on the average commercial flight has about 700 points of contact with other people and objects." Utilizing private jet flights and Jet Club with flyExclusive will significantly reduce those touch-points, as our fleet range is much more expansive and accessible than commercial flight agencies.

Increased Health and Safety Standards

Safety is paramount to flyExclusive's culture of care. flyExclusive has the highest safety ratings in the private jet flights industry. We train each pilot in full-motion flight simulators annually at state-of-the-art facilities operated by CAE Simuflite and FlightSafety International. Beyond flight safety, flyExclusive takes great health and sanitization measures to protect each passenger aboard every flight. Before each flight, the cabins are fully sanitized and wiped down to ensure the safety of each passenger is taken into utmost consideration.

Reduced Travel Time

As a Private Jet Club Member, experience reduced travel time aboard one of flyExclusive's private jet flights. With access to the fastest and most efficient passenger jets in the market, you can reduce your travel time whether it be a leisure trip to the islands or a domestic flight to your next business meeting. With flyExclusive, you can schedule your trip to avoid layovers and connecting flights that waste your valuable time. Another advantage to traveling privately is flyExclusive's short take-off capability. Reduce commute time by utilizing smaller airports that are located in a more convenient location to you.

flyExclusive | Private Jet Flights and Jet Club Membership

flyExclusive invites you to enjoy the amenities of flying private with our exclusive Jet Club Membership. With the help of our dedicated Member Services Team that pays special attention to every detail of your flight, flyExclusive can provide you with a safe and curated private flight experience for you and your family this holiday season. Enjoy your flight as much as your vacation with the help of flyExclusive. Discover how you can experience the highest standards of safety, convenience, and comfortability with our Private Jet Club Membership by visiting our website.

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