Is It Better to Own or Charter a Jet?

When exploring the private aviation market, assessing the private flight solution that best suits your travel needs is imperative to answering the question of is it better to own or charter a jet?

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In the case of full traditional ownership, chartering a private jet is significantly more cost-efficient than purchasing your own private aircraft. When you choose to charter a private jet, you limit your costs to the flights you book. Full traditional ownership comes with a hefty price tag, including maintenance fees, storage fees, repairs, and hiring the necessary aviation pilots and professionals required to manage your aircraft. flyExclusive offers an alternative that addresses the pain points and limitations of chartering a jet and full traditional ownership options. With flyExclusive’s Fractional Jet Ownership, Owners gain access to their own Citation CJ3+ when and where they need it and only pay when they fly. Owners fly care-free with zero monthly fees and no daily minimums with our competitive pricing model. Discover the benefits available to you with Fractional Jet Ownership.

Private Jet Charters vs Jet Ownership Options

The two most popular private flight options are private jet chartering and full traditional ownership. When you charter a private jet, you pay only for the flights you book, while full traditional ownership involves significant upfront costs, monthly fees, and additional expenses such as maintenance, storage, and personnel; however, there is a third option that offers the best of both worlds: Fractional Jet Ownership with flyExclusive. Our Fractional Jet Ownership program allows you to own a share of a Citation CJ3+, with access to the aircraft whenever and wherever you need it, without the burden of monthly fees or daily minimums. Read on to learn the benefits and limitations of each option, as well as the combination of convenience, flexibility, and savings unique to flyExclusive Fractional.

Private Jet Charter

Private jet chartering offers a range of benefits, along with a few limitations to consider. One of the primary advantages of private jet charter is the unmatched flexibility it provides. Clients have the freedom to choose from a diverse fleet of aircraft based on their specific travel requirements, whether it's a small regional jet or a long-range luxury aircraft. Moreover, private jet charter offers convenience, allowing passengers to dictate their own schedules and fly to destinations that may not be easily accessible through commercial airlines. Additionally, chartering a private jet eliminates the responsibilities of aircraft maintenance, crew management, and operational logistics, as these aspects are taken care of by the charter provider.

However, the main limitation of private jet charter is its cost. Chartering a private jet for every flight can be significantly more expensive than alternative travel options, especially if frequent travel is involved. Availability can also be a consideration, as peak travel periods or high-demand destinations may result in limited aircraft availability. Nonetheless, for those seeking an exclusive and tailored travel experience, private jet charter offers unparalleled luxury, convenience, and personalized service.

Full Traditional Jet Ownership

Full traditional jet ownership offers several distinct benefits but also comes with certain limitations. One of the primary advantages of owning a private jet outright is the complete control and flexibility it affords. Owners customize their aircraft to their specific preferences, ensuring every flight is tailored to their needs. Additionally, there is no limit to the number of hours an owner can utilize the jet, granting unrestricted access at any time.

However, full ownership also entails substantial financial commitments. The initial purchase cost of the aircraft, along with ongoing expenses such as maintenance, crew salaries, hangar fees, and insurance, can be significant. Furthermore, owners are responsible for managing and coordinating all aspects of their private jet operations, which can be time-consuming and require specialized expertise. Lastly, the fixed costs associated with full ownership can make it less cost-effective for those who don't frequently utilize their aircraft. Overall, while full traditional private jet ownership offers ultimate control and exclusivity, it requires a substantial investment and ongoing commitment of resources.

Fractional Jet Ownership

In the private aviation program market, individuals and businesses often weigh the options of private jet chartering versus private jet ownership. At flyExclusive, we offer a unique solution that combines the best of both worlds: Fractional Jet Ownership. This innovative program provides the benefits of owning a private jet without the full financial and operational responsibilities. With Fractional Jet Ownership, Owners enjoy partial ownership shares of the Citation CJ3+ and unparalleled access to a luxurious fleet of aircraft. Unlike private jet chartering, Fractional provides consistent availability, personalized customization, and a dedicated crew. Owners can select from a range of aircraft models and sizes tailored to their specific travel needs. Additionally, flyExclusive's Fractional Jet Ownership includes comprehensive services such as maintenance, crew, scheduling, and insurance, ensuring a seamless and worry-free experience. With Fractional Jet Ownership from flyExclusive, you can have the flexibility and convenience of private flights without the burdens of full ownership.

Why Fractional Ownership?

Fractional ownership is an ideal choice for those seeking the benefits of private jet ownership without the financial burden. With Fractional Jet Ownership, Owners enjoy shared ownership of a private jet, granting them access to a luxurious fleet of 90+ Citation aircraft while sharing costs with other co-Owners. This unique Ownership model provides numerous advantages, including significant cost savings compared to sole ownership. Fractional Jet Ownership with flyExclusive enables Owner access to guaranteed fleet availability, personalized accommodations, and a dedicated Service Team, ensuring a seamless and premium travel experience. Unlike other private jet fractional ownership programs, flyExclusive provides a unique experience with our Fractional share pricing. Starting at 50-hour shares, Owners select the hour plan that works best for them and only pay when they need access to their jet. Owners enjoy the freedom of no monthly maintenance fees, no daily minimums, and no positioning fees.

Experience the Ultimate Benefits of Fractional Jet Ownership With flyExclusive

When exploring the private aviation market, assess the private flight solution that best suits your travel needs. While private jet chartering offers cost-effectiveness compared to traditional ownership, Fractional Jet Ownership provides the ultimate access, ease of use, and consistency for Owners. flyExclusive’s commitment to our culture of care extends to the competitive pricing model, where Owners’ capital truly works for them. Visit the Fractional Ownership page to discover the endless benefits and opportunities awaiting you with Fractional Jet Ownership at flyExclusive.

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