Paint the Sky: Private Aircraft Paint Capabilities

The flyExclusive Electrostatic painting and coating facility delivers premium aircraft exterior design services for a variety of large, private aircraft.

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The paint on an aircraft plays a large role in indicating the level of care each plane receives. Planes that appear well worn give the impression that they are not properly taken care of and thus will result in less-than-desirable flight experiences. On the other hand, a plane that is clean, freshly painted, and uniform in appearance with the rest of its citation fleet will instill confidence in the private flight experience that it will produce. The flyExclusive electrostatic painting and coating facility delivers premium aircraft exterior design services for a variety of large, private aircraft including Gulfstream IV’s, Falcon 900’s, and more.

How is an airplane painted?

Painting an aircraft is an incredibly difficult project from top to bottom. To paint a private jet, you first have to inspect the entire aircraft for dents and any other damages that must be repaired before the rest of the process can take place. After the plane is in pristine condition, the old paint must be sanded off entirely. This ensures an even coat all the way around, as no section will need extra coats to cover old colors.

The plane is then covered with a primer followed by a base coat. After this, logos and other designs can be painted on before being covered with tape and a clear, protective coat is applied to the rest of the plane. There are extra steps that must be taken in between, though, to ensure the paint is ready for the next layer. Airplane paints have a specific range of temperature and humidity between which they must be applied.

After the paint is applied, the temperature needs to be much higher for it to cure quickly. Achieving this level of preciseness over the environment of the paint booth is difficult, and it is one of the main reasons why there are so few facilities that offer the service. For more information on the aircraft painting process, CNN has an article on the process in more detail and the EAA has specific step-by-step instructions and supplementary articles.

flyExclusive’s Painting Facility

In an effort to create the best private Jet Club experience, flyExclusive opened an electrostatic painting and coating facility, the first of its kind in the southeastern United States. This facility allows flyExclusive to paint our Citation fleet, as well as other aircraft in-house. The warehouse is large enough to accommodate a wide variety of large private jets and is staffed with painters that have over 20 years of industry experience. The combination of technical skill and space means that flyExclusive has the ability to produce five newly repainted planes each and every month.

In addition to the capabilities of the facility, each hangar has been equipped with state-of-the-art construction processes. These processes are in place to ensure that flyExclusive maintains our high standard in terms of environmental responsibility. By reducing hazardous wastes and producing high-quality paint services, flyExclusive provides a premier paint job on any private jet without sacrificing the health and well-being of the surrounding environment.

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Ensuring that your airplane is in peak condition, both mechanically and visually, is key to enjoying your private flights experience. To learn more about the capabilities of flyExclusive’s painting and coating facility, to join the private Jet Club, or to schedule your next private flights, visit the flyExclusive website today!

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