Pass the Holiday Travel Rush by Flying Private with flyExclusive

Whether for business or pleasure, private jet flights affords elevated levels of luxury and relaxation during a time of stressful holiday travel.

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During a time of elevated travel and stress from the holidays, more are looking for convenience, accessibility, and control of their flight plans. By flying private, travelers are able to set their own schedule, allowing them to arrive at their destination on their own terms. In addition to the added convenience, private jet flights provide access to a more expansive range of airports, allowing travelers to fly directly to their desired destination without the hassle of inconvenient layovers or connections. Furthermore, private jet membership programs, such as flyExclusive’s Jet Club Membership, offers enhanced benefits and personalized services that are unmatched among leading commercial airlines and other private jet card programs. During the rush and commotion of the holiday season, these elements become even more valuable to a flight. Read on to discover the possibilities of unlimited access, enhanced choice, and ultimate control with a Jet Club Membership from flyExclusive.

Jet Club Access

At flyExclusive, private Jet Club Members receive enhanced access to our versatile fleet of over 90 state-of-the-art Cessna Citation aircraft. Gain immediate access to a world of possibilities from our exceptional selection of light, midsized and super-mid aircraft consisting of Citation Encore, Citation CJ3, Citation Excel, Citation Sovereign, and Citation X luxury private jets. Being that our fleet is owned and operated by flyExclusive, our private travelers are able to request any of our aircraft with guaranteed access to meet any travel needs. With flexible private flight travel times that are tailored to any schedule, passengers are able to minimize time spent in inconvenient airport lines and maximize vacation time, spent with loved ones.

Jet Club Choice

Rated as the best private jet membership program 2022 by Robb Report, there’s no question that flyExclusive focuses on providing only the best to our Members. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have kept our Jet Club Membership program simple, compared to other private jet card programs on the market. As a Member, simply select the program tier that is best suited to manage your travel needs, and select the type of aircraft on a trip-by-trip basis. Jet Club let’s you truly fly like an owner, with flight charges being the unique combination of aircraft daily rate, and hourly rate, which are significantly lower than the industry standard.

Jet Club Control

The holidays can bring unnecessary stress and worry, but your travel plans should not. From booking private jet flights to the runway of your destination and beyond, Jet Club Members experience enhanced control when it comes to their travel, no matter the time of the year. With a simple monthly membership, Jet Club provides you with the ability to choose your program and fund with no long-term commitments, meaning you can be a Member for as long as you choose. Fund your membership as needed, without feeling locked in and easily alter your program level as your needs change.

Truly Fly Like an Owner with flyExclusive’s Jet Club Membership

Whether for business or pleasure, private jet travel affords elevated levels of luxury and sophistication that are simply not possible with commercial flights. If you are tired of the hassles and inconveniences of commercial air travel, consider flying with flyExclusive’s award-winning Jet Club Membership. As a leading provider of private flight services, flyExclusive offers a luxurious and stress-free experience for travelers. With your personal aircraft and experienced pilot, you can enjoy the flexibility to choose your own itinerary and fly directly to your destination. Avoid long security lines and crowded terminals, and experience the comfort and convenience of flying private with flyExclusive. Take the first step towards a seamless and enjoyable travel experience with flyExclusive. Visit our website to discover the ease, access, control, and choice available with a private jet card.