Pet Travel by Private Jet

With a Fractional Aircraft Ownership program such as flyExclusive, that offers pet-friendly solutions, Owners can avoid the hassle and stress of commercial air travel.

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Traveling with pets can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to air travel. Commercial airlines often have strict regulations and restrictions that make bringing your furry friend along for the ride inconvenient. However, with a Fractional Aircraft Ownership program such as flyExclusive, that offers pet-friendly solutions, Owners can avoid the hassle and stress of commercial air travel. Before embarking on your private jet journey with your pet, it's important to ensure that you have all the necessary documentation, including health certificates and vaccination records. To learn more about flying with pets on private jets and the advantages of flyExclusive’s Fractional Aircraft Ownership, continue reading.

How to Fly Private With a Pet

To begin planning your pet-friendly private flight, understanding the policies, necessary documentation, health records, and other significant veterinary details of Fractional Aircraft Ownership programs is the first step. Your travel destination also plays a substantial role in needed items, as pet-friendly travel policies may differ between domestic flights and international travel.

Flying With Pets by Private Jet Checklist

flyExclusive strives to provide exceptional customer service with each flight and deliver valuable resources that simplify your Fractional Aircraft Ownership experience. Our pets on private jets checklist conveniently provides the information you should produce within the weeks leading up to your private flight.

Pet Health Records for International Private Travel

To board most international aircraft, pets require a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection. This certificate includes needed information such as the pet's age, breed, sex, and identifying marks. Additionally, the certificate must include proof of vaccinations and a statement from a licensed veterinarian indicating that the pet is healthy and fit to fly. To ensure you have all the necessary documentation for your pet's private jet journey, check with your Fractional Aircraft Ownership program and review their pet policies.

Certificate of Veterinary Inspections include:

  • Pet's name and description
  • Date of Examination
  • Vaccination records
  • A statement that the pet is free from infectious or contagious diseases
  • An updated statement of parasite treatment
  • Certification for rabies vaccinations

As your pet is a cherished family member, it’s optimal to ensure they are in good health before making any trip, no matter the distance. Traveling with flyExclusive’s Fractional Aircraft Ownership program provides maximum comfort to your loyal companion.

Pet ID for Private Travel Security

When traveling with your pets on private jets, providing proper identification ensures their safety and security. Some foreign nations may require additional identification. Attach thorough ID tags to your pet’s collar. This tag should include the pet's name, your name, contact information, and the destination and date of travel. Bring a backup ID tag with this information if the original gets misplaced. Additionally, microchipping your pet is a great way to enhance security and peace of mind if they become lost during travel. When traveling internationally, researching the specific requirements for pet identification in your destination country is critical.

Veterinarian Recommendations for Private Pet Travel

Speak with your veterinarian before your trip to discuss recommendations for keeping your beloved pet happy and healthy throughout their flight and stay at your destination. One week before your trip, scheduling a check-up ensures your pet is in perfect health and ready to fly. If your pet receives medications, ask your veterinarian about travel care plans. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, avoid administering medication to your pet before the flight to prevent an increased risk of developing heart and respiratory problems.

Benefits of Pet-Friendly Flights With Fractional Aircraft Ownership

Unlike commercial airlines, there are no limitations for pets on private jets, allowing your pet to have ample space to move around and relax. Finally, flyExclusive’s Fractional Aircraft Ownership offers enhanced flight accessibility, as you can avoid the long lines and crowds of commercial airports. With a pet-friendly Jet Fractional Ownership at flyExclusive, Owners enjoy all these benefits, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable travel experience for you and your furry friend.

Private Pet Travel with flyExclusive Jet Fractional Ownership

Bringing your pets on private jets has never been easier with flyExclusive’s Jet Fractional Ownership. With comfort, catering, and Owners' peace of mind at the core of our Fractional program, flyExclusive practices our Culture of Care for passengers of all kinds. Our Fractional Ownership offers more opportunities to customize the private travel experience for your whole family. Visit our website to learn more about the access awaiting you with a Fractional Aircraft Ownership.

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