Pets & Private Jets: Tips for Easy Travel with your Furry Friend

flyExclusive is proud to assist our private Jet Club Members and charter guests in ensuring that their flying experience with furry companions is superior.

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At flyExclusive, the comfort, safety, and happiness of our guests is paramount — this extends to your loyal companions. While traveling commercial with pets is permitted, the obstacles and added stress can make the experience a negative one for pet and owner. This is why private airlines have been seeing an increase in the number of animals flying to destinations across the U.S. and beyond. flyExclusive is proud to assist our private Jet Club Members and charter guests in ensuring that their flying experience is superior.

From dogs and cats to other furry guests, our experienced crew are trained on the latest standards for pet care in the air. This is part of our ongoing drive to offer best-in-class travel to all our valued private Jet Club Members and guests.

Advantages of Flying Private with your Pet Through flyExclusive:

  • Optimal comfort– pets travel in the aircraft cabin with their owner rather than in the hold.
  • Minimal trauma during the travel experience– pets feel more relaxed being beside their owners.
  • Unlike commercial aircraft, there is no limitation when aboard a private jet with flyExclusive.
  • Fly any time of the year – no seasonal embargoes as with most airlines.
  • Peace of mind – owners won’t have to worry about leaving pets behind at home or in a cargo hold.

flyExclusive's Private Jet Club Membership: A Customizable User Experience

It is well understood that commercial airlines are built for the masses, while at flyExclusive we make it our top priority to appease each of our Members and guests personally. Not only will you and your pet arrive at your destination in comfort when you fly on one our private jets, but you will also arrive with peace of mind knowing your pet is happy and healthy. Are you looking for a cabin experience like no other? If you are searching for a private Jet Club Membership that supports both you and your loyal companion with everything you need to travel the world, look no further than flyExclusive.

Designed specifically for our private Jet Club Members, no other program provides the combination of experience, savings and simplicity in one place. Members who fly with us receive a customized private jet service that anticipates your needs for comfort and consistency. Our top safety rated jet charter operation puts your safety and well-being above all other consideration. As the fifth largest private jet operator in the United States, and the second largest owner of Cessna Citation jets in the world, flyExclusive is today’s discerning traveller’s operator of choice.

Fly Your Pet Private Aboard flyExclusive's Private Jet Club

flyExclusive leverages its decades of operational experience, industry knowledge, expertise in fleet logistics, and personal touch to deliver a premium experience, every time you fly. You can trust flyExclusive’s commitment to serving your lifestyle and the moments that matter. Our Jet Club offers more opportunities to customize and personalize your private aviation experience. To learn more about private Jet Club Membership, our Strip and Refurbish facility, and more, visit our website.

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