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If you are looking to book private flights to Vegas, ensure it is one to remember with the help of flyExclusive’s team of aviation specialists.

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Are you looking for private flights to Vegas? As one of the most visited tourist destinations in the nation, Las Vegas, Nevada saw over 32 million travelers in 2021, which was slight compared to years previous, prior to the pandemic. With limitless options of things to do, see, eat, and experience in “Sin City,” there is no question about what draws the crowds in. As we near the last few months of 2022, many are booking last-minute travel plans across the country, with a mass confirming Las Vegas as their next destination. Rather than spend the beginning of your get-away dealing with bustling crowds and hectic public airports, flying privately with flyExclusive allows travelers to book a private jet to Vegas without the common stresses of commercial air travel.

Visiting Las Vegas

Located in the Mojave Desert, Las Vegas is the largest by population, and most boisterous city in Nevada. One of the best times to visit this exciting getaway is from September to November, when the weather is moderate, and tourist levels have decreased slightly. Vegas embraces being known as “The Entertainment Capital of the World” by offering high-end casinos to luxury bars, spas to amusement parks, conventions to golf tournaments, and so much more, ensuring something for everyone to enjoy. Vegas's embrace of all things vibrant is a major draw for crowds of all kinds. This fast-paced destination is the perfect place to indulge in the finer things in life. Ready to visit this exciting location? Book your private flights to Vegas and experience the true meaning of the “city that never sleeps.”

How to Book a Private Jet to Vegas

With Las Vegas consistently ranking as one of the busiest markets in the U.S. for private jet flights and attracting some of the world’s affluent visitors, ensuring your charter private jet to Vegas is booked properly is key. If you are wondering how do you charter a private jet, flyExclusive, ranked as one of the best private jet companies, has made this process simple. With full access to flyExclusive’s floating fleet of over 80 Citation aircraft, travelers have nearly unlimited access to the capabilities and experiences when aboard. View all jets available for Las Vegas private flights.

With our expansive company-owned fleet, available aircraft range from light to super-midsize, to our large cabin, G4 plane. This enables quaint celebratory groups as well as sizable business associations to travel with flyExclusive, ensuring each group and their special requests are considered with expertise and care. To book your private jet to Vegas, you must first select which private airport to arrive at.

Private Airports for Las Vegas Private Jet Charter

There are three main airports that serve Las Vegas.

  • McCarran International Airport (LAS): Located 6.7 miles from the city center, along the I-15 and I-215, McCarran International Airport is most commonly used for private flights due to its convenient location and proximity to downtown Las Vegas. The airport offers several business aviation terminals for swift and discrete transfers.
  • Henderson Executive Airport (VGT): Just south of Las Vegas, Henderson, Nevada is roughly 16.7 miles from the city center and is the primary reliever airport to McCarran International Airport. While convenient, this airport does not have customs and is not an airport of entry into the country.
  • North Las Vegas Airport (HSH): As the closest in proximity to the heart of the city, North Las Vegas Airport is only 5.6 miles north of downtown Las Vegas, a short drive to the popular destination, Las Vegas Golf Club, and is one of the busiest general aviation airports in Nevada.

Confirm Your Private Flights to Vegas | flyExclusive

With all that Las Vegas has to offer, the number of travelers anticipating their next visit is unimaginable. The gourmet restaurants, acclaimed casinos, jaw-dropping architecture, and endless activities all can be attributed to the iconic nature of this destination. If you are looking to book private flights to Vegas, ensure it is one to remember with the help of flyExclusive’s team of aviation specialists. If you frequently opt to fly privately over commercial, consider flyExclusive’s private Jet Club Membership.

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