Should I Book My Flight Early for Fall and Winter Months?

With flying private becoming increasingly popular over the last few years, charter flights and private jet travel clubs are booking flights out further and further.

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The 2021 holiday season is approaching quickly, and the travel trends of fall and winter holidays producing the most amount of air traffic each year continues. With flying private becoming increasingly popular over the last few years, charter flights and private jet travel clubs are booking flights out further and further. While flyExclusive's floating Citation fleet of 75+ aircraft are always available to transport Members and guests to and from their destinations, the flyExclusive Jet Club Membership allows for Members to simply fly like owners. Continue reading to gain insight into the world of private jet travel clubs, and how to travel during the busiest time of the year with unlimited access and control.

Holiday Travel Through Jet Club

The holiday season is stressful enough with shopping, baking, and preparing for the new year, why add travel to that list? flyExclusive's Jet Club -the ultimate private jet experience- is designed with sole intentions of pleasing our Members. When flying with flyExclusive, Members and guests are guaranteed to receive a customized private jet travel service that anticipates your needs for comfort and consistency. Wherever you dream of flying to spend the holidays, whether it be to visit loved ones, or to escape the weather, no other private jet travel clubs provide the combination of experience, savings, and simplicity in one place.

Our Jet Club Membership allows for Members to choose the program amount that is right for you, enabling you to save and spend money where you prefer, an essential component around the busy season where spending is inevitable. As a Jet Club Member, you are buying guaranteed access to flyExclusive’s versatile fleet of Light, Mid, and Super-Mid aircraft, promising you and your family a safe and secure flight, regardless of travel surges. Our light jets cater to an excellent light jet experience, flying long distances, and efficiently getting in and out of smaller destinations like your hometown while the Citation Excel is ideal for you and seven of your friends or family to fly from the east coast to a tropical getaway in comfort and style.

Popular Fall and Winter Destinations

Aspen, Colorado

Aspen has long been a cherished fall and winter vacation spot. With world-class skiing, hiking and biking trails, and one of the most colorful displays of autumn in North America, Aspen, Colorado is a favorite destination across flyExclusive's Jet Club Members. Trust our Cessna Citation Encore jet to safely and efficiently maneuver around the mountainous terrain, transporting you to your destination with ease.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole has a lengthy winter season as it receives well over the national average for snowfall. If you’re looking to ski on a slope of perfect powdery snow, November and December are some of the best months to visit the area. Guests find it easier to book local accommodations during this time of year, typically simultaneously aligning with the first few snowfalls. Book a trip to Jackson Hole today through flyExclusive and travel aboard one of our many Citation Excels. Providing ample room for bulky winter and ski luggage, and a spacious cabin that comfortably seats eight passengers, pack your bags full of jackets and snow pants and invite family and friends on the trip of a lifetime.

Nassau, Bahamas

Kiss hurricane season goodbye and the beautiful sunshine and sandy beaches of Nassau, hello. December is known as one of the best months to visit Nassau because of the warm weather, clear skies, and countless visitor attractions. Strap on a snorkel, lounge on pristine Bahamian beaches, or explore the numerous tropical outdoor oases that the Bahamas have to offer. Climb aboard our Citation CJ3 and arrive at Lynden Pindling International Airport in the blink of an eye.

Los Cabos, Mexico

With the rainy season coming to an end, Los Cabos terrain and attractions are in full bloom from mid-October through mid-December. Be welcomed by warm water, white sandy beaches, and exotic wildlife. Ready to plan your wintertime vacation with flyExclusive? Choosing flyExclusive's Jet Club Membership over other private jet travel clubs allows you to select the level of Membership that best fits your flying needs and enjoy guaranteed availability to our owned and operated fleet of 75+ aircraft with a simple monthly Membership of $1,000. Jet Club lets you truly fly like an owner with your flight charges being the unique combination of an Aircraft Daily Rate and your significantly lower hourly rates.

flyExclusive | Jet Club Membership

As the fourth-largest private jet operator in the United States, and the second-largest owner of Cessna Citation fleet in the world, flyExclusive is today’s discerning traveler’s operator of choice. flyExclusive leverages its decades of operational experience, industry knowledge, expertise in fleet logistics, and personal touch to deliver a premium experience, every time you fly. You can trust flyExclusive’s commitment to serving your lifestyle and the moments that matter.

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